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How to Choose a Perfect Career Path With Right Career Guidance

20 October,2021  |  By Brainwonders


In India, every student faces this para lingual dilemma of choosing the ‘right’ stream after Class 10. The tapestry of opting for the science stream based on hearsay has been going on ever since the inception of the education system in India. It is a sin for a bright student to choose commerce and hell would break loose if you did so much as even think of humanities. The word ‘career counselling’ has never really been in the picture. Parents fail to realize that their precious child might need career guidance after 10th to step on the right path. Relatives step on the last straw to make you feel small and provide you with irrelevant advice that may not resonate with you. In this article, you will learn how career guidance after 10th and 12th helps while you make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Your choice could make or break your career.

After the 10th standard, when you are entitled to select a stream from the three main options, Science, Commerce and Arts, the way out is discovering yourself. To be precise, you need to know what skills do you possess, what are your abilities and what career options will be suitable for you. You may consider consulting a professional. Even though this makes you travel that extra mile to be able to comprehend yourself and your peers might rub it off as redundant, it is far better than regretting your decision later in life.

Additionally, you might stand on the crossroads at some point in Class 11 or 12 where you begin to question your choices, and may want to switch careers. You shall then choose to have career guidance after the 12th from a reputed organization that will clear your head from the doubt fogging your brain. 

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After class 10.

courses after 10th

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After class 10, the three streams- Arts, Science and Commerce open up your avenues to three different fields offering dissimilar subjects. Remember, your choices define you. If you’re interested in the medical field, you shall opt for PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology). Physics enthusiasts who want to build a career in research and experimentation may prefer PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Aspiring managers, entrepreneurs and CEOs make an obvious decision to choose commerce. Don’t make a resolution in the spur of the moment. You hold the steering wheel of your career. Career guidance after 10th will help you understand to drive through the maze and connect the dots that would lead you towards your dream.

Let us see why do you need career guidance after the 10th to decide your choice of the stream:

  1. Multifarious options: Students these days have a multitude of options to choose from. There is such a vast variety and opportunities in every sector that it is hard to select one. More alternatives mean more possibilities, and also, increased chances of making a wrong decision. 
  2. Underestimating your interest: The hindsight of every desi family is, “Focus on a government job. Interest and all automatically develop later on. " As humans, we have such a lot of interests. Places it is mind-boggling. Career guidance will, thus, assist you in pursuing an interest that aligns with your career goals. 
  3. Not understanding your personality: Personality is very complex to understand. The societal enigma forces us to believe that there are no other career options other than engineering, medical sciences or government jobs. When selecting a stream, it is important to understand what personality traits do you possess and how is a particular field going to satisfy your whims. It’s complicated, we understand. But hey, that’s what we are there for.

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Why do you need career guidance after the 12th?

 Career guidance after 12th

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Did you know that almost 2,300 students dropped out of IITs between 2018-19? 6 out of every 10 students switch their careers after class 12. This may be due to wrong stream selection in Class 11 and lack of interest resulting from it. If students don’t choose their careers after giving them a proper thought, they might end up dropping them later. Thus, career guidance is essential to explore career interests and make full-fledged plans. 

How does career guidance really help? 

Career guidance bridges the gap between parents’ expectations and a child’s abilities. A career counsellor aims at helping a child pursue his career in consideration of his/her parents socio-economic status. They might suggest education loans, inform parents about scholarship grants, concessions, etc. Also, they convince both parties to reach a middle ground so that none of them is disappointed. A Career Counsellor analyses all the factors before suggesting what stream should he/she opt for. This minimises the chances of regrets and helps a child pursue a career aligning with his/her goals. 

Say, you want to be a data scientist. Your parents, who have only heard of government jobs, defence, engineering and medical sciences all their lives, might be completely against it. Career guidance will help make them understand what you are ambitious about and it is a prospering field. They can play an integral role in helping you pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career path to achieve attainable goals. 

There is no limiting you from making unconventional career choices. Perhaps, you can be the next Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk or A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. All it needs is getting out of that submerged outmoded mindset and exploring through a maze of opportunities to make a choice that counts. Fret not, we will guide you along the way. Brainwonders offers a comfortable and interactive experience to provide you with valuable guidance to pursue a career ahead.

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