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Courses After 10th Class – The Ultimate Guide

05 April,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Courses After 10th Class

Class 10th is the first educational milestone a student needs to go through. Despite being in 10th class, many think about haunting questions like what should I do after 10th? What are the vocational courses after 10th? What are the available courses after 10th? Which stream/background to choose on 11th and 12th? Which stream should we choose?

All these striking questions always occur in your mind. You don't need to worry; You're in the right place. We will give you honest answers to all of your questions in this post.

Before answering your question, let us look at how we can select the right career option. Students are primarily in a dilemma and end up making hasty decisions. For that, you need to go for Career Counselling. If you also find yourself in this chain, then let's fix this. 

Why is Career Counselling essential after the 10th?

Selecting the right career can be the most challenging task for those confused. Students mostly end up regreeting, so not to go through this phase for Career counselling.

How to make the right career choice?

right career

Through career counselling, you will get to know your potential skills and capabilities. With the proper analysis, a career counsellor advises you on making the right decision. Career counsellors guide and acknowledge you about the same and make you confident about your career choice.

How to select the perfect Board?

Before going for the courses after the 10th, you must study and accumulate all the necessary information about that specific stream. Find out the colleges that provide that course's future aspects and analyse each Board's academic and curriculum techniques. You can choose the Board based on your requirements. 

Every student on this planet has a unique skill set that makes him different from others. So career counselling helps you find your unique ability, skill, and strengths and make the right career decision. This is why career counselling after the 10th is necessary

Career counselling is vital after you finish high school. Now that we've talked about that, let's look at Science, Commerce, and Arts as the three main streams of higher classwork: It's essential to know if these subjects are a good match for your goals or if they are not. You need to be aware of what all subjects will be there in each stream. All these streams or backgrounds will lead us to different career opportunities.

Science stream 11th & 12th subjects

After 10th, depending upon which Board you are selecting for class 11th & 12th, you can have different subjects to choose from.

Mathematical Science subjects:


Statistics, Mathematics

Physical Science subjects:


Chemistry, Physics

Biological Science subjects: 


Biotechnology, agriculture, food science, biology, sports, exercise and health science, and so on are some of the fields covered.

Social Science subjects:



Other Science subjects:

Home Science, Computer Science, Marine Science, Engineering Graphics, Informatics Practice, etc. Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing, Electricity & Electronics, Engineering Science, Environmental Science, Geometrical & Building Drawing, Design Technology, Environmental Management, Home Science, Computer Science, Marine Science, Engineering Graphics, Informatics Practice, etc.

Career-oriented subjects:

If you want, you can opt to keep a Career-oriented subject like Information Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Fashion Studies, Travel & Tourism, Multimedia & Web Technology, etc.

Commerce 11th & 12th subjects

The commerce or business stream in classes 11th and 12th has a lot of different courses that you can take, depending on which school board you're going to be in.

Business & Commerce subjects:

Economic theory, bookkeeping and accounting, commerce, secretarial practice, organisational commerce, etc.

Maths, Statistics, and Computer Science:

Some boards let you keep a Science class with your other business subjects.

Career-oriented subjects:

If you want, you can opt to keep a Career-oriented subject like Information Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Fashion Studies, Travel & Tourism, Multimedia & Web Technology, etc.

Arts 11th & 12th subjects

As soon as you finish 10th grade, you can choose from many different subjects depending on which school board you're going to.

Arts and humanities subjects like:

Global Politics, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Home Science, Psychology, Economics, Geography, Sociology, History, Philosophy, and Political Science are just a few examples.

Fine art and performing art subjects:

Fine Art, Visual Art, Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Western Music, etc.

Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science:

some boards let you keep a Science subject along with other arts subjects

Academic Indian Languages like:

Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Odia, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Urdu, Kashmiri, Manipuri, Mizo, Sanskrit, Nepali, Malayalam, Kannada, Bodo, and more languages are available.

Foreign Languages like: 

Korean, Persian, Arabic, Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc

Fine art and performing art subjects:

Fine Art, Visual Art, Dance, Music, Film, Theatre, Carnatic Music, Hindustani Music, Western Music, etc.

Career-oriented subjects:

If you want, you can opt to keep a Career-oriented subject like Information Technology, Information & Communication Technology, Fashion Studies, Travel & Tourism, Multimedia & Web Technology, etc.

Vocational stream in 11th & 12th class

After completing academic education, students can also go for top vocational courses after the 10th. You can also select the vocational subjects and mandatory language subjects as per your interest. Depending on which Board you are administering to, your vocational subjects could be:

  1. Accountancy and Taxation
  2. Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
  3. Auto Shop Repair and Practice
  4. Automotive Banking
  5. Banking and Insurance
  6. Beauty and Wellness
  7. Business Administration
  8. Business Operations and Administration
  9. Capital Market Operations
  10. Civil Engineering Technician
  11. Clinical Biochemistry and Microbiology
  12. Computer Theory & System Analyst
  13. Construction Technology
  14. Cost Accounting Creche and Pre-school Management
  15. Database Management Applications
  16. Design and Innovation
  17. Electrical Appliances
  18. Electrical Machines
  19. Electrical Technology
  20. Electronics Technology
  21. Environment Education
  22. Exterior & Interior Design
  23. Fashion Design and Garment Technology
  24. Financial Accounting
  25. Financial Market Management
  26. Food and Beverage Services
  27. Food Nutrition and Dietetics
  28. Food Production
  29. Front Office Operations
  30. Garment Construction
  31. Geospatial Technology
  32. Graphic Design Technician
  33. Health and Beauty Studies
  34. Healthcare Science
  35. Horticulture
  36. Hospitality Management
  37. Information Technology Insurance
  38. IT Application
  39. Library and Information Science
  40. Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management
  41. Marketing and Salesmanship
  42. Mass Media Studies and Production
  43. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  44. Medical Diagnostics
  45. Music Production
  46. Office Procedures and Practice
  47. Office Secretaryship
  48. Offset Printing Technician
  49. Operations and Maintenance of Communication Devices
  50. Retail Operations
  51. Salesmanship
  52. Security
  53. Stenography and Computer Application
  54. Taxation
  55. Telecommunication & Electronic Technician
  56. Textile Design
  57. Transport Systems and Logistics Management
  58. Travel and Tourism
  59. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electronic Equipments
  60. Typography and Computer Application
  61. Web Applications
  62. X-Ray Technician
Top courses after 10th: Vocational Education Options

Some students do not want to go for the 11th and 12th, so they mostly go for Vocational Courses after the 10th. 

Top Polytechnic Diploma Courses after 10th class

It's up to you whether you want to get a job or go straight to college after a three-year diploma in polytechnics, which is called a "diploma" (you can get admission to the 2nd year). If you have studied Maths and Science in your 10th class, you can go for the polytechnic entrance exam in your state and get a seat in Polytechnic. After the 10th grade, diplomas in these are thought to be the best thing you can do. The top Polytechnic Diploma Courses are listed below after 10th in Engineering and Technical Discipline.

  1. Medical Electronics
  2. Mechatronics
  3. Power Electronics
  4. CAD-CAM
  5. 3-D Animation & Graphics
  6. Apparel Design & Fashion Technology
  7. Chemical Technology
  8. Civil Engineering
  9. Civil Engineering (Environmental)
  10. Food Processing
  11. Water Technology
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Cyber Forensics & Information Security
  14. Digital Electronics
  15. Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
  16. Electrical & Electronics
  17. Electronics
  18. Biomedical Electronics
  19. Information Technology
  20. Mechanical Engineering
Top Technical ITI Courses after 10th

Many students love to engage themselves in making electrical tools equipment. ITI Courses duration is mainly 1 or 2 years. For those students here, we have mentioned the top Technical ITA courses: 

  1. Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance
  2. Draughtsman (Civil)
  3. Electrician
  4. Electronic Mechanic
  5. Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioner)
  6. Mechanic Tool Maintenance
  7. Mechanic (Auto Electricals & Electronics)
  8. Mechanic (Mechatronics)
  9. Mechanic (Medical Electronics)
  10. Surveyor
  11. Radiology Technician
Top Non-Technical ITI Courses after 10th 

Non-Technical ITI Trade Course is of short duration. One can go for several ITI courses after the 10th. Listed below are the best non-technical ITI courses: 

  1. Plumber
  2. Fitter
  3. Welder
  4. Paint Technology
  5. Baker & Confectioner
  6. COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant)
  7. Food & Beverage Services
  8. Hair & Skin Care
  9. Housekeeper
  10. Multimedia, Animation, Special Effects
  11. Travel Tour Assistant
  12. Old Age Care
  13. Spa Therapy
  14. Craftsman Food Production
Top Diploma Courses after 10th in Vocational Training

Polytechnic diplomas and ITI certificates aren't the only options. You can also take a three-year D.Voc course as part of the NSQF training program. There are a lot of good options after the 10th grade. A degree in vocational training is thought to be the best after that. Here we have listed the top diploma courses one can pursue after the 10th:

  1. Travel and Tourism
  2. Software Development
  3. BFSI
  4. Graphics and Multimedia
  5. Medical Imaging
  6. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Top Skill Training Courses after 10th

For those who want to create career opportunities by improving and grooving your skills, then listed below are some of the top training courses after the 10th:

  1. Animator
  2. Beauty Therapist
  3. Food processing
  4. Gems & Jewellery
  5. Healthcare
  6. Mobile Phone Technician
  7. Organic Grower
  8. Sales Executive
  9. Software Development
  10. Solar Photovoltaic System Installer

Selecting a career from the courses mentioned earlier after the 10th can be confusing. For that, we need to consult a career counsellor. As mentioned earlier, career counselling is essential for students after the 10th. So we at Brainwonders have come up with the solution to help you find the right course that will match your strength and potential. 

Since 2011, Brainwonders have been providing career guidance and counselling for students. To determine your strengths and weaknesses, we conduct DMITAptitude test, and Interest Aptitude Test. By taking this exam, you will come to know your skills. This will help our Career Counsellors find career options or career courses for you. So, get in touch with us to get advice from Expert career planners. They can help you choose a course after the 10th class that is easy for you.

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