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Psychometric Career Assessment for 8th, 9th and 10th Students

10 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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Secondary school students are at a developing stage, and it is an ideal stage for enabling them to receive professional career counselling. Secondary school pupils are in the early stages of career planning. If they have any doubts about career options or career opportunities at this stage, they can take the career assessment test. They can evaluate the performance and work on improving their weak areas.

Parents must understand that they must follow the advice of career counsellors and take all possible measures to assist their children in developing their skills. For the career assessment test, you need to know what a psychometric test is.

What is a Psychometric Test?

Psychometric Test

Any psychometric assessment will help you determine the potential attributes of a person. Psychometric is specifically a collection of two root words. Psyche means "mind," and metric indicates "measurement." Thus, a psychometric test is an actual examination of a different range of psychological tests that will help individuals understand their behaviour, thought processes, and strengths.

Taking a psychometric exam benefit individual in numerous ways, as listed below:
  • Psychometric assessment truly helps secondary students by way of career assessment.
  • Psychometric career assessment gives an accurate and precise evaluation based on the aptitude test.
  • Through a psychometric test examination, one can get an idea of their realistic attributes.
  • It assists individuals in understanding their primary brain understanding.
  • It will guide the students to understand their behavioural traits and cognitive skills.
  • One can merely find their efficiency, developmental and behavioural patterns through psychometric testing.
  • Someone who has completed a psychometric exam may readily analyse the results and seek assistance from a psychologist. As a result, a psychologist will assess the in-depth knowledge.

Due to the wide range of subjects that psychometric testing covers, any individual can do a career assessment.

Psychometric assessment types include:
Aptitude Test

Aptitude test

An aptitude test is generally conducted to measure vital verbal abilities, learning and acquiring skills to determine the individual's area of expertise. In addition, it measures the student's potential strengths and weak spots.

Various educational institutes are enabling students to take this career assessment. To find out their hidden talents, which will inherently help them understand their weak academic concepts and kindly work on them.

These types of aptitude tests include

Verbal ability

Verbal Abilities

Verbal ability explore more about English, linguistic and grammar abilities. If a student is highly motivated in terms of vocal ability, they must go for advertising, teaching, journalism, etc.

Quantitative ability

Quantitative ability

Quantitative assessment is nothing but a numerical ability test that explains how one is engaged in arithmetic, geometric, and mathematical operations. So that one can start their career in engineering, statistics, etc.

Reasoning ability

Reasoning abilities give a brief idea of one's logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and abstract reasoning.

Data Checking

By taking the aptitude test, one can get an idea about their input ability skills. Such skills will help them achieve sustainable development in data analysis, statistics, etc.

Spatial ability

It conceptualises visual abilities by taking dimensional shapes, designs, and patterns into account.

Efficiency & Accuracy

This ability test tells more about one's visual ability to calculate numbers and alphabetical letters promptly and precisely. There are a plethora of opportunities through which one can get into banking, accounting, record keeping, etc.

Mechanical ability

This test provides a thorough assessment of an individual's practical knowledge and whether they wish to pursue a mechanical background.

IQ (Intelligence Quotient)

An IQ test helps understand and measure concentration, perception, and intellectual and cognitive analysis skills. In addition, psychologists and career counsellors screen students to assess and predict their academic interests and subjects.

IQ Testing is beneficial in many ways, including
  • Intellectual research
  • Cognitive evaluation
  • Extensive examination
  • Memory assessment
  • Efficiency evaluation
Personality test

A personality test elaborates more on human personality traits. This includes behavioural changes and attributes taking place in humans. 

Secondary school students are easily influenced by peer pressure, so there are hormonal changes in their behavioural patterns. The study of personality tests has become mandatory in recent years. Psychologists do introspective studies when it comes to student career assessments.

IAT (Interest Aptitude test)

Interest aptitude examination is conducted to find out the hidden talents of children from different perspectives. Through IAT, individuals can find out different facets and areas that need development.

Listed below the SWOT analysis gives you the idea about one academic profile:

S- Strength ( potential abilities and skills)

W- Weakness ( weak areas)

O- Opportunities ( things that bring the area of interest)

T- Threats ( external fearful factors)

Thus, various psychometric career assessments by 8th, 9th, and 10th standard students will help them improve their internal factors and guide them to overcome their external factors as per different perspectives. Moreover, it will allow them to work on their soft and hard skills. So they will be confident in making their own decisions, which will help them with personality development.

Why should you consult Brainwonders for 8th, 9th, and 10th students?

Brainwonders is a well-known career counselling organisation. Brainwonders offers various services, including DMIT, aptitude, intelligence tests, etc. With the assistance of highly-trained counselling professionals, we at Brainwonders will assist students in selecting the appropriate career path. Furthermore, we will make proper assessments and analyses by analysing inborn characteristics and potentials. 

Parents, teachers, and educators have been seeking support from us for over a decade. We help students determine their areas of strength, cognitive characteristics, skills, and hidden abilities. Students may take career assessments as per their competence. It will assist in analysing the student's primary areas of interest and providing necessary career information. Students must understand that choosing the appropriate career will open up several opportunities for them to continue in the developing period. Therefore, be the one to seek expert career guidance from Brainwonders.

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