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Role of a Teacher in Student's Life

06 January,2024  |  By Brainwonders

Role of a Teacher in Student's Life

Role of a Teacher in Student's Life:

"Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions."

Someone has rightly said that teachers give us comic artists, filmmakers, astronauts, and entrepreneurs. Without teachers, we wouldn't have Superman, the Eiffel Tower, or the internet. Youths are the nation's future, and teachers are the creators of the backbone of this nation. But, What qualities does a teacher have that influence the students? What does it take to be a good teacher? Let us find out.

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Who is a teacher?

Generally, a teacher, also known as a school teacher, is a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence, and virtue through the practice of teaching.

However, being a teacher is much more than only giving away knowledge, lectures, and attending classes. Since ancient times, teachers have been considered a symbol of truth, beauty, and purity. Ancient India valued teachers highly for their selfless service, high learning, and morality. 

Teachers are the ones who help students to see reality as it is. In the modern age, teachers help students to make academic decisions that will guide them toward success in their future careers. 

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Prime Characteristics of a Teacher:

A good teacher impacts everything from classroom learning to long-term success to make a world of difference in a student's life. And for that, a teacher must have the following characteristics:

  • Good Teachers are strong communicators: By communicating with students at the beginning of the year about their hobbies and future careers, they can provide a supportive learning method.
  • Good Teachers are good listeners: Teachers are skilled in listening and observing and can help build skills and confidence in students.
  • Good Teachers focus on collaboration: Working as a teacher means working in groups and developing creative ideas.
  • Good Teachers are adaptable: Teachers must adjust their teaching according to students' mental capacities and work in an engaging environment.

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  • Good Teachers are engaging: Students must be able to engage students with humor and creative lessons, and a strong classroom     presence is an essential part of what makes someone a good teacher.
  • Good Teachers are empathetic: Teachers must understand what is going on in their student's life. 
  • Good Teachers have patience: The patience of an educator is tested at every level of teaching. 

 Teacher Role in a Student's Life:

Teachers have a remarkable impact on students' lives. They are crucial in shaping the character of students. Good Teachers demonstrate and illustrate and shape the personality of their students. 

  • Provide the right advice to students: teachers now guide students to make significant academic decisions that will guide them toward success in their future careers. They also work with high school students to offer advice and courses they should take to take the entrance exams, apply for the desired colleges and universities, etc.
  • Works as a leader: Teachers also transfer the skills that will be helpful to students in their personal life. They guide students towards becoming leaders and involve the initiative that they must step into the unknown and out of their comfort zone to achieve tremendous success.

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  • Changing life for the better: A teacher is compassionate to students and helps them improve their lives.

How to become a teacher?

Teachers must not only be qualified academically but also have some qualities that are discussed above in this article. The most common types of teachers in India are: 

  • Pre-primary school teachers
  • Primary School teachers
  • Secondary school teachers
  • Senior-secondary school teachers
  • Special educators 

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Steps you must take to become a teacher in India:

  • Step 1: You need to decide your career goals as a teacher and decide on the subject you want to be a teacher of.
  • Step 2: Obtain a bachelor's and a master's degree in the relevant subject.
  • Step 3: Lower level of teaching requires a B.Ed or equivalent degree; higher classes require you to pursue an M.Ed.
  • Step 4: After B.Ed or M.Ed, you can sit for examinations like TET/CTET/STET. 
  • Step 5: Take exams and apply to schools and get a chance.

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Follow all these necessary steps to become a teacher in India. 


So to sum it up, teachers are the guiding stars in every child's life. Teachers play a unique role in students' academic, personal, and social development. They help to shape the future of students by dedicating their own time and effort to ensure that each individual reaches their full potential. With limitless patience, teachers can make a world of difference in their student's lives. 

Frequently asked questions about the Role of teachers in student's life

1. What is the role of a teacher in a student's life? 
A teacher plays an integral role in a student's life, providing support, developing knowledge and skills, and cultivating curiosity and creativity. Teachers guide students to reach their academic goals and build healthy relationships with others.

2. How can teachers help improve student performance? 
Teachers can help improve student performance by setting high expectations for their students, providing encouragement and feedback, and creating an environment that encourages exploration and learning. Additionally, teachers can identify areas where students are struggling academically and provide extra resources and support to help them succeed.

3. What should teachers prioritize when it comes to student learning? 
Teachers should prioritize building relationships with students, assessing student understanding, and planning content and instruction based on individual needs. Additionally, they should ensure that the material they teach is relevant to students' lives and interests.

4. What qualities do successful teachers possess? 
Successful teachers are passionate about their subject matter, patient with students, confident in their abilities to teach, able to manage their classroom effectively, and passionate about helping their students meet their goals.

5. What strategies can teachers employ to engage their students? 
Ans: Teachers can employ various strategies to engage their students, such as using interactive activities, providing opportunities for collaboration, using technology integrations, and challenging students to think critically.

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