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What is Counselling

02 February,2024  |  By Brainwonders

What is Counselling

Counselling and its Types:

Humans were blessed with the ability to feel their emotions and react accordingly to every situation. However, once these emos run out of control, it becomes difficult for them to manage the condition, which leads to drastic repercussions. Moreover, the individual, who once was considered an asset, turns into a liability because of his negative emotional outbursts. They lose self-confidence and fail to give 100% in the assigned tasks. Therefore, the need of the hour is to help such individuals regain their self-esteem and confidence by solving all the mental blockages they are currently facing. Hence, increasing their productivity. It can be achieved by proper guidance of mentors known as counsellors through career counselling. Let us move further in the article and learn about counselling and its types.

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Counselling: Definition

In simple terms, counselling means professional advice and help given to people with problems; the person assigned with this task of providing guidance is known as a counsellor. The counselling process begins by establishing a friendly relationship between the counsellor and the counsellee, allowing the counsellor to open up his heart and speak about the problems he is currently facing or is thinking about it. Counsellors not only suggest what all things need to be done; instead, they encourage you to talk about your issues in depth so that they can have a clear idea about the problem and the primary cause behind it, followed by laying out a proper plan to help you regain your self-esteem. 

The counselling process must not include:

  • Judgemental counsellors
  • Providing simple advice without understanding the cause.
  • Pushing the counsellee.

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Different Formats of Counselling:

The differences in modes of counselling have a difference in the success rates, and it varies from individual to individual. The client is free to choose the type of counselling that fits him the best. Below is the list of some of the most favourable counselling formats:

  • Individual therapy:

Such therapies are provided on a one-to-one basis by psychotherapists. The distressed individual is provided with an ideal environment where he can know about his inner self and the cause of his problems. The counsellor helps him regain his trust and build his self-confidence.

  • Group therapy: 

This type of counselling requires a group of professionals to address a problem. Such sessions are mainly seen in hospitals, mental health centres, etc. This counselling works on alleviating community problems ad provides emotional support to them.

  • On-call sessions: 

This method provides a favourable alternative to in-person counselling to those individuals who wish to receive psychological guidance without visiting the mental centres because of their hectic schedules.

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Counselling Process :

The Counselling Process involves a systematic evaluation involving a detailed process and the process isn't rushed so that the person suffering from serious mental issues can become comfortable.

To do so, the following steps are taken into account:

1: Building trustworthy relationships:

Initially, the counsellor gives time and space to the counselee so that he can become comfortable in his presence. Then the counsellor engages the counselee and finds the root cause of the problem affecting them. The counsellor observes various facial gestures and body language of the counsellor while he is speaking. The counsellor listens to the client patiently, which ensures the building of a positive relationship.

2: Identification of the problem:

After setting up the fundamental stage, the client and the counselee collaborate, allowing the client to speak up about the problem he is currently facing. The psychotherapist notes down every minute detail and works on fixing it.

3: Setting of Goal:

Realistic goals are set, and the client is motivated to achieve them step-by-step, leading to a particular outcome.

4: Career Plan:

A complete proof career plan is laid out intertwined with timely counselling sessions (types are decided by the severity of the problems and comfort of the clients). The client is then asked to engage in several activities which help in boosting self-confidence.

5: Overcoming the problem and Termination of Counselling:

Once all the mental blockages have cleared, the counselling process is terminated. Termination is planned to ensure a positive conclusion.

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  • Willingness: The client must be willing to open up about his problems and attend every counselling appointment.
  • Motivation: It helps the client to overcome anxiety and allows new thought patterns while leaving the comfort zone.
  • Commitment: Change cannot be seen without being committed to a set goal. It requires patience and dedication to reach the desired destination.
  • Faith: The client must have confidence that he is made to do something better, and he surely can achieve it and succeed in his life.

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  • Empathy: The counsellor keeps himself in the client's shoes and tries to feel every emotion on his client's face. 
  • Effective listening: The counsellors listen patiently to what the client is speaking about without interrupting them. They also try to read between the lines by understanding the unsaid words through gestures and facial expressions.
  • A good communicator: A talk filled with genuine emotions allows the clients to entrust their problems to the counsellors, so it is a prime quality that every counsellor must possess.



In this type of counselling, the client is given particular instructions by the counsellor and is asked to follow the same pattern for a certain period. For example: refraining from alcohol, speaking politely without losing control, etc.


 It is provided to individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, and anger. Such mental stress may be caused due to lack of sleep, poor diet, peer pressure, family problems or financial conditions. The psychotherapists work with them and help them in overcoming this hurdle effectively.

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Individuals confused about their future career options generally receive this type of counselling. They give various kinds of tests which allows the counsellors to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the clients and also about the qualities which can be developed under proper guidance. They then lay out the guide to the most suitable career that meets all the client's requirements.


This method is designed for disabled people to help them lead a fulfilling life at par with an average individual's. The counsellor helps individuals with cognitive, emotional and locomotor deficiencies to overcome psychological barriers.

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The troubled clients facing problems related to love life or paternal disputes seek this type of counselling where they can share any personal issues confidentially. The main aim behind this type of counselling is to reconnect with the spouse and ensure a long-term commitment with them or to build communication gaps between the father and the child.

 None is born with a bag full of problems. However, as an individual grows over time, he tends to form some beliefs and follow them throughout their lives which may cause some distress in their present life, which needs to be addressed so that an effective solution can be found. 

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Frequently asked questions on Counselling 

1. What is Psychotherapy?

Ans: Psychotherapies is a broad term describing therapies, including counselling. 

2. What is the difference between Counselling and therapy?

Ans: Counsellors look at specific issues over a short time period, while therapists go deeper with treatment methods.

3. What are the different therapies used?

Ans: Behavioural therapies, psychodynamic therapies, humanistic therapies, etc., are some different career therapies.

4. How long does each counselilng session last?

Ans: Every Counselling session lasts for 50 minutes or one hour depending on your counsellor.

Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Let the best team of psychologists and career counsellors help you achieve your dream career!

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