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Why Career Counselling is more valuable now?

08 May,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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When choosing the right career, career counselling is essential to consider. It gives some brief information about one's inborn potential abilities and attributes. Career counselling has been a need in recent years. Career counselling is more valuable because it entails far more than simply selecting a job and hoping to keep it for the rest of one's life. 

Students often make hasty career decisions under peer pressure, family pressure, relatives, etc. Solving such problems at the base level will only help individuals improve and work on their strengths and skill areas.

How does career counselling help the individual in selecting the right career?

Career counselling and guidance are essential at every step in gaining confidence and knowing the insights of an individual. Hence, this is why career counselling and guidance enlighten individuals to understand their potential for advancement in careers and how individuals can better themselves so that they can only work on it from the start and be successful people in life.

A career counsellor plays different roles in an individual's life. Here are some of the functions mentioned below:
  • They will help individuals discover their potential abilities through various assessments. This includes tests related to PersonalityAptitudeInterests, and other elements of an individual. 
  • It assists individuals by programming the different attributes and provides detailed information about the career opportunities in the particular field of study.
  • With expert guidance, students in a dilemma can know why career counselling is beneficial.
  • The DMIT test is mainly done to determine inborn abilities early. Under a psychologist or career counsellor's guidance, one can know their genetic strengths and weaknesses. This test can examine all the necessary powers, potential impacts, personality trends, and behavioural changes.
  • It aids in gaining strength to overcome obstacles in one's life and guides various aspects of one's life, such as maintaining social relationships, personal life, or any other career problem. 
Why has career counselling become so crucial?

Nowadays, proper guidance is needed to achieve the desired goals related to career advancement. So, to fulfil all the career-related queries, career counselling has played a prominent role.

The younger generation is mainly in a dilemma about selecting the right career. After all, they are going to be the pillars of economic development. So for them, why has career counselling become an important question? They can help determine whether a particular career will have the desired outcome with the help of a career advisor.

Here are some reasons why career counselling is vital for selecting the right career:
  1. What is the crucial takeaway in selecting the specialisations?
  2. Examining the critical areas in the specific field of study
  3. Know the prospects for the future.
  4. PrioritisePrioritise your professional interests.
  5. And then select the best route for you.

Career counselling and guidance services are also available to educators and teachers. Teenagers generally consult career counsellors when they face difficulty deciding which colleges, business institutes, universities, and fields of study they should choose. In addition, it is advisable to consult a career counsellor who can help students identify their strengths and skills. So that students can give more attention to improving their resilience.

Who is responsible for establishing career counselling mechanisms? Isolated educational institutions and universities: Is there a role for the government?

Everything begins with the federal government. However, it's not just education and labour departments; primary, secondary, and tertiary training institutions; professional organisations; youth development agencies; private practitioners, and non-profit organisations that have a role to play.

It is the responsibility of society and parents as a whole to ensure that everyone has access to career counselling. They need to know why career counselling will alternately help them shape their career at such a point. Educational institutes, schools, and colleges must set up career counselling and guidance activities for the successful growth of every student.

Even teachers and educators consult the advice of career counsellors. They seek the counsellors' advice to find out the students' potential, capabilities, etc. So the educator can merely guide them in advance. Such small steps will undoubtedly motivate students to pursue a fruitful careers.

Why visit Brainwonders for career counselling?

Brainwonders is India's most prominent career counselling firm and strives to provide the DMIT Dermatoglyphic theory and the application analysis, aptitude, IQ, and personality tests. Since 2011, Brainworders has empowered individuals by guiding them with test assessments. For example, in the Brainwonders Test, inspection is done by adequately evaluating an individual ranging from 1 to 60 years of age under psychological counsellors' guidance. 

In addition, career counselling for students is also done to discover the inborn potential strengths that will help them decide on a fully-fledged career.

One of the benefits of consulting Brainwonders is that they are the only educational management company engaged in providing the DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test). DMIT comes under biometric testing. It is based on the scientific study of fingerprints, which tells individuals' key areas and strengths. Apart from DMIT, aptitude, IQ, interest, and personality tests are Psychometric tests. This test entails the individual's mind and gives a brief assessment based on the individual's perception, thinking skills, and behavioural changes.

Career counsellors assist youth in developing solid profiles, which will undoubtedly aid them in understanding insights, resources, and the use of various approaches in their work. Individuals seek advice from career counsellors, and many of them have come to understand why career counselling has become such a crucial aspect of their lives. Therefore, it's better to consult a career counsellor who can guide you and help you understand your career path.

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