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Best 7 Career Options in Arts After Class 12th

22 July,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Thousands of students from various streams graduate from the 12th boards each year. Their choice of career following the completion of their 12th boards is one that stumps them. Some of the top career alternatives in the arts streams have been compiled in this blog.

There are several job opportunities in this area of arts and humanities, from teaching to becoming a lawyer. Many of the best career alternatives in the art stream have been discussed. You may get all the information you need on appropriate career possibilities on our blog.

1. Bachelor of Arts degree (BA)

After completing the 12th boards from the Arts and Humanities stream, students complete a three-year undergraduate degree called the Bachelor of Arts, which is separated into six different semesters. B. There are two ways to pursue an education: regular (full-time) and distance learning (open university). A B.A. course can be used to articulate your choice of specialisation. Students have the option of choosing the honours degree programme or another focus.

Students have the option of pursuing a BA in a variety of subject areas, including English, Hindi, English, Economics, and many others. B. A specialty gives a wide range of employment options and an in-depth comprehension of the chosen courses. It improves writing, communication, and other relevant skills.

Numerous job options are available to students in a variety of industries, including education, tourism, aviation, cinema, journalism, and government.

Top BA institutions 
  • the University of Delhi
  • Loyola College in Chennai
  • St. Xavier's College in Mumbai
  •  Mumbai's Christ University
  •  Pune's Fergusson College
Some Popular Specialization are

2. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)

Obtaining a bachelor's degree in business administration (BBA) takes three years of study. One of the most well-liked courses in the business, finance, and management fields. Following the completion of the 12th boards from the Arts stream, the BBA is the most desired and sought-after bachelor's degree programme. All students from the three academic disciplines—arts, commerce, and science—are welcome to enrol in this course.

A wide variety of employment options in industries like marketing, sales, finance, hospitality, education, and government were offered by the course. Popular specialties offered by the BBA include those in HR Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Technology, etc. Students who want to pursue a career in a particular profession might choose a specialty course based on their area of interest.

Top BBA schools include 
These bachelor of business administration (BBA) concentrations are listed below:
Course details of BBA
  • Qualifications required is passed 10+2 from any accredited board with a minimum cumulative score of 50% 
  • Course fees ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 2 Lakhs
  • Career Positions - Human Resources Manager, Project Manager, Analyst, ASP Consultant, Sales & Marketing Manager, and Project Manager
  • Salary range: INR 2.5 to 8 LPA on average

3. BA+ LLB (Integrated Law Course) (Integrated Law Course)

As implied by the course's name, "integrated law course" alludes to the provision of dual degrees. One is B. A. (Bachelor of Arts), while the other is L.L.B. (Bachelor of Legislative Law). It combines the learning from two whole courses. Ten equal semesters make up the five years that make up the entire course. For individuals who are passionate about the rights, justice, and enactment of laws in Indian society, this is the finest job path.

This course's curriculum is set up to teach both the study of both domains of subjects, such as political science, economics, history, etc., and the study of law subjects, such as company law, crime law, human rights, law of evidence, etc.

One of the top employment options for students in the Art stream is to pursue a career in one of these areas: international law, environmental law, civil procedure code (CPC), etc.

A student must pass various national- or university-level admission exams, such as

 CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), AILET (All India Law Entrance Test), and DU LEE, in order to follow this vocation (Delhi University Law Entrance Exam). 

To enrol in any university and pursue a BA LLB degree from the best university, you must pass these entrance exams.

Best BA + LLB Universities/Colleges:
  •  Delhi University
  • Army Institute of Law
  •  Banaras Hindu University 
  • National Law University, Jodhpur 
  • NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad
  •  Aligarh Muslim University
Information about the BA + LLB course
  • (BA + LLB) Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative Law eligibility 10+2 from any reputable board with a required minimum of 50% in the overall grades
  • INR 50,000 - INR 5 Lakhs in Course Fees
  • Career Positions- Legal Manager, Private Attorney, Legal Officer, Advocate, and Court Reporter are listed in that order.
  • Annual Average Salary INR 2 lakhs to 20 lakhs

4. Bachelor of Design

The Bachelor of Design, often known as a Bachelor of Designing, is an undergraduate degree that can be earned in three to four years, depending on the university or college. The total length of the course is broken up into eight distinct semesters. The course in the curriculum teaches students the key concept of how to develop their own original designs in their respective selected specialisation of designing such as, Footwear, Jewellery, Luggage, Garments, or etc. The course also teaches students how to develop their own original designs in their respective selected specialisation of designing. Students that major in this area learn about a variety of topics related to fashion, including present and historical styles, modern trends, and foreign styles.

In this industry, it takes a creative and original mind to conceive of a concept, sketch it out, and then turn it into a garment or accessory. Aspirants have the option to enrol in fashion and design courses such as bachelor's degrees in textile design, bachelor's degrees in design (accessories), bachelor's degrees in fashion communication, bachelor's degrees in interior design, bachelor's degrees in product design, bachelor's degrees in furniture and interior design, bachelor's degrees in leather design, etc. Some educational institutions, like NIFT and NID, as well as UCEED, have devised their very own entrance examinations for prospective students.

Best Universities and Colleges to Earn a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design:
Information regarding the Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design course
  • Eligibility- 10+2 from any recognised board with an aggregate score of at least fifty percent
  • Course Fees Ranging from 50,000 to 500,000 Indian Rupees
  • INR 2 lakhs – 20 lakhs per annum 
Employment Vacancies

A typical salary package would include the following positions: 1. Fashion Designer 2. Interior Designer 3. Fabric Analyst 4. Stitching Expert 5. Skitch Designer 6. Exhibition Designer

5. Architect with a Bachelor's Degree (B.Arch)

The Bachelor of Arts in Architecture degree is a five-year undergraduate programme. This course was developed in such a way that it is open to enrollment from students of any academic background who are interested in pursuing a career in the construction of structures, buildings, models, or the preparation of plans for any property or building. A student needs to go through the NATA entrance exam and do well on it if they want to create a career in this industry (National Aptitude Test in Architecture).

Best Universities and Colleges
Information regarding the B.Arch
  • Eligibility Requirements Include Obtaining a 10+2 diploma from any recognised board with an aggregate mark total of at least fifty percent.
  • Course Fees Ranging from INR 150,000 to 500,000
  • INR 2.5 – 6 LPA on Average for the Salary Package 
Employment Vacancies
  1. Project Architect
  2. Project Manager 
  3. Model Architect 
  4. Landscape Architect 
  5. Town Planner
  6. Interior/Textile Planner

6. Journalism and mass communication at the bachelor's level (BJMC)

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) programme is an undergraduate degree that can be completed in three years. This career path can be pursued by a student of any academic field or stream, giving them the opportunity to work in an artistic domain as part of their professional life. The topics of Print Journalism, Radio Production, Television Production, Anchoring, Writing, Advertisement, Event Management, Film Studies, and Media Law and Ethics are some of the topics that will be covered in this class.

The curriculum of the course is flawlessly created in such a manner that a student will have the opportunity to expand their technical knowledge and communicative abilities by receiving instruction in a variety of subjects, projects, and courses during the duration of the programme. If you want to pursue a career in the field of media and journalism, there are some universities that require you to take their own entrance exam.

Best Universities and Colleges for Obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism:
Course information of BJMC Course
  • Eligibility 10+2 from any recognised board with a minimum of 50 percent - 60 percent aggregate marks.
  • Course Fees INR 1.5 to 6 Lakhs
  • Average Salary Package- INR 2.5 – 15 LPA
Employment Vacancies

1.News Writing, 2. Anchor, 3. Reporter, 4. Journalist, 5. Media Manager, 6. Sub-Editor, 7. Creative Director, 8. Camera Person, 9. Radio Jockey

7. Bachelor of Hotel Management (B.H.M) 

Bachelor of Hotel Management is a 3-4 year undergraduate degree. The course teaches and assists students to enhance their abilities in the area of food, housekeeping, production, catering, etc. This is one of the excellent occupations for those who are focused on the hospitality business.

During this training, a student can obtain enough of career prospects to enhance or refine their communication, and other similar skills as per their different job duties. Students can apply through several employment roles including Hotel Manager, Event & Meeting Planner, Food Service Manager, Catering officer, Food & Beverage Manager/Inspector, etc.

Top Universities/Colleges for BA in Hospitality Management
  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering & Nutrition, New Delhi
  • AIMS Institute, Bengaluru 
  • Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (AIHMCT), Bangalore
Course information
  • Eligibility 10+2 from any recognised board with a minimum of 50 percent - 60 percent aggregate marks.
  • Course Fees INR 2 to 10 Lakhs
  • Average Salary Package - INR 3 – 15 LPA
Employment Vacancies
  1. Hotel and Resort Manager, 2.TravelCounselor, 3. Cruise Staff


Pursuing higher education in the relevant discipline is the initial step toward a career. You can get the training you need to do what you want to do at some of the best educational institutions in the world. 

So, tell me, what exactly are you anticipating?

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