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Best Career Counselling Online After 10th and 12th

14 June,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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10th and 12th boards are milestones in a student's life. Students are prepared with perseverance for performing well in board exams. And after completion, when the child feels the race is over, he is again pulled back into a new race. 

Here the race begins for fetching an appropriate stream after the 10th. He has to juggle science, commerce and arts and choose a stream for his future studies. The race becomes more competitive after the 12th board. Now he has a huge plethora of options to choose from. So there are several traditional and professional courses, and the child has to make an important selection. This decision decides his career path and his future. This leads to immense pressure upon the child and his family too. Every child who has appeared for the 10th and 12th board exams undergoes this situation. So finding the correct way out is extremely crucial and, at the same time, very challenging. Here, Career Counseling centres come to the rescue!

Why go for online career counselling after board exams?

Career counselling after boards has a great impact on career selection. Initially, students used to book appointments and go for a personal sessions at a career counselling centre. But the Pandemic has completely changed this. Most children between 15-and 18 years of age have enrolled on the vaccination drive. They have completed a single dose and are still due for their final vaccination. In this case, parents are not very willing to expose their children to the outer environment. The ill effects of the Pandemic have led to fear in the minds of the people, and hence Online career counselling serves as a very convenient option.

Students can book a virtual session with the counsellors and get all the information sitting right at home. Parents can book an online slot for their children. The counsellors would meet the children as per the bookings and conduct an online session. It is generally an interactive session and has the same impact as the personal session.

Impact of Online Career Counseling

An Online Career guidance session is very beneficial in solving the doubts and queries of students. Counsellors interact with the students online and understand their interests and requirements. They generally follow a questionnaire that helps them understand the personality and behaviour of the child. Once the counsellor is acquainted with the necessary information, they guide the career and stream options most suitable for the child. The counsellor gives a piece of comprehensive information on the courses available, aligning it with the child's potential. So the impact is fruitful, and the suggestions are very helpful. They assist the parent and the child in making an appropriate conclusion. 

What tests are conducted in Online Career counselling sessions?

Career Counseling is objective as well as subjective. Tests are an inevitable part of career guidance. Aptitude Tests, IQ tests and Interest tests have to be carried out for accurate and detailed reports. These reports serve as the basis for counsellors. They evaluate these reports and then guide the students. In the case of online career counselling sessions, few tests are conducted to understand the child's calibre. Advanced tests have to be completed for more detailed and accurate reports. At times, the child may have to visit the centre. This happens only if required. With the technological boom, there have been modifications in the methods of conducting the tests.

Moreover, there have been discoveries to help counsellors understand the child better. One such latest and trending invention is the DMIT, a biometric test. Brain mapping is done by scanning the fingerprints of the students. This helps the counsellor understand the child's strengths, weaknesses, and abilities explicitly. 

Which centre conducts advanced psychometric tests like DMIT?

Brainwonders is one of the leading centres conducting all the advanced tests under one roof. It is a well-reputed career counselling centre with more than 108 centres in Mumbai and five global centres. Moreover, it is the only centre that holds the U.S. Patent for conducting the DMIT test. Apart from this, they perform various Psychometric tests like the Aptitude Test, Interest Test, Multiple Intelligence Tests, Personality Testsand IQ tests and carry out the Psycho-diagnostic assessment. These tests follow very systematic and scientific methods and guarantee accuracy. 

Do Brainwonders conduct Online Counseling sessions?

The team at Brainwonders completely recognizes the importance of the safety of children in this pandemic era. Hence they have carefully crafted a model for conducting online Career Counseling sessions. Parents can easily book an appointment online at their convenience and attend the session. The counsellors first make the child comfortable and then engage the child in a friendly conversation for understanding his potential. Even an online Counseling session with Brainwonders is as effective as an offline one.

After boards, children are always in a dilemma. In older times, decisions were made based on family advice or peer pressure. But in the current scenario, it does not work that way. The current education environment and the professional environment have completely reformed. The corporate environment has new needs and challenges, and to understand them better, students should opt for professional guidance. Expert guidance and advice will give them a clear picture of the available career opportunities. A career counselling centre like Brainwonders provides a career strategy to children which helps them accomplish their dreams. As a result, they can easily let go of the pressure and enjoy their academic life for a better tomorrow.

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Confused about which Course to choose after 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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