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Importance of career counselling in schools

03 April,2024  |  By Brainwonders

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We all agree with this saying, 'A book, A pen, A teacher and some guidance can change the world.' School is one such institution that greatly impacts a child's upbringing, thoughts, persona, and behaviour. These are the years when a child is moulded into a capable adult and a responsible citizen of the country. All these changes happen because the child is at the right age to transform.

Here, age is the factor to be regarded. At a tender age, the child learns 'how to learn'. Right when a child enters a teenager, some very crucial decisions have to be taken that have a great impact on his future. The advantage at this age is that he is willing to accept all changes, and his thought process is just being formed. So proper guidance and support will bring out the best in him. 

As a schoolchild, we tend to give a lot of importance to moral and value education. We guide him and advise him on habits to be followed, etiquette, and manners. At this crucial stage, parents tend to ignore another important aspect of guidance - CAREER GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING.

Parents feel there is a long way to decide their career, and then after boards, they find it very hard to understand what stream is to be taken. So why not start beforehand?

Career guidance in school

Today, the professional field is overloaded with career options. There has been a boom in specific requirements of the firms. Corporate firms are looking for specialists who are experts in a particular stream. They believe such individuals can work better and give better results, and hence career options are widened. After scrutinizing this situation, the education system has also diversified with several courses. Along with traditional classes, there has been an invention of various professional courses too. These professional courses provide in-depth knowledge on particular subjects, and a passing graduate is eligible to work in that field, rendering his expert service. 

Now, students must be well aware of the available courses. Here, career counselling centres come to the rescue. These centres have complete insight into the ongoing and new courses introduced in the education system. They are well aware of the content of the study, the institutions that offer a particular course and its structure. Career counselling centres are well acquainted with the career options students can choose once they have completed the course. This helps the students to a very great extent. 

Benefits of career counselling in school

career counselling in school

Complete information

Students get a complete insight into the trending courses. They are briefed well in detail about the advantages, structure, and entire course syllabus. In schools, children are only aware of a few subjects, and they tend to select a stream only based on advice from their near and dear ones. In some way, this is like a hindrance to their understanding. When children understand the options available in-depth, we allow them to think, analyze and evaluate. This develops their critical thinking as well. Parents can rest assured that the information children are carrying home as it is from the right source. Career counselling centres are authentic sources, and their information is truly reliable. So while he goes to school, sitting right in one place, he can get all the information about the career options available. Career Counselors are like interest over here!

Aptitude test 

Getting an aptitude test is a tedious task. Parents have to decide the place, review the centre and coordinate activities to take the child for an aptitude test. Proper evaluation of the test is the most crucial part. Once the results are out, the Parent gets a clear picture of the child's aptitude. The area of concern is the methods used to conduct the test. There has been a change in the methods used for performing an aptitude test with technological advancement. So the centre has to be technologically advanced to conduct these tests scientifically as they yield accurate results. Now, when a school performs these tests for understanding the child's aptitude, Parents can be sure of the results, and teachers are well aware of the aptitude of the child... So they work on the child accordingly and suggest some remedies as well. So it's truly very beneficial at this age.

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Analysis of interest and choices

career interest

Career Counseling is not just about telling the career options available to the students. As the name says, it's guiding the students to help them make a choice. But in school, the criteria is to understand their likes and dislikes. Students grow up with interests in mind. They are influenced by various factors and steadily develop a choice. At times, they have preferences about their career. They wish to become something. Now, here the task of a career counsellor starts. A career counsellor is very educated and well trained to understand the child's interests. Through a detailed conversation, they build a rapport with the child and note their choices and likes. In schools, counsellors have a one to one conversation with the children and make an analysis report which states their likes and dislikes. When this happens in a school, children also discuss things with their friends and broaden their horizons. 

Understanding strengths

Understand strenghts

Once analysis and tests are done, counsellors understand the child's strengths. They know where the child can do better and which stream is most suitable for him. Parents are acquainted with the child's stability, and it becomes easier for everyone to decide on the future.

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Working on weakness

Like strength, every child also has some weaknesses. So it's very important to have an idea of their features also. Counselling centres highlight the shortcomings very subtly so that the child takes it positively and renders to work on it. These weaknesses are told to the parents as well for improvement. If the child starts working on them at a younger age, it is very evident that he can easily overcome those characteristics. Counsellors also suggest remedies for the overall development of the child. 

Preparation in advance

Career Counseling at school ensures that the child can start working on his dream career way before in advance. He can understand the competitive exams conducted and shortlist the course he is interested in. He can begin gathering information and understanding the career prospective at the school level. This increases his confidence. 

Caution from taking the wrong decision

It is important not to choose the wrong path more than selecting the right part. When bad career decisions are made, students get mentally disturbed and then there is no turning back. So career counselling in schools is like a caution for the students and the parents.

Skill building

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At times, Some career options are skill-based. When a child opts for fine arts, architecture, engineering etc., certain skills can favour him and keep him above the crowd. So how about starting right away!. When schools conduct career counselling sessions, counsellors also inform the students about the various skills required for that profession. So skill-building can happen at an early stage.

All these factors are very beneficial for students. Hence Career Counseling at schools clears several hurdles that the students face at a young age. Career Counseling Center Brainwonders work for students of all ages. Every generation has its challenges in school. So career counsellors at Brainwonders work for all ages. They are well aware of the different tests on other age groups, so they follow a systematic approach and come out with the best solution. A technologically advanced centre can work wonders as the results are precise and accurate. Firstly, Career Counseling at schools must be implemented. Otherwise, Parents must take the children to a reputed centre like Brainwonders to understand the child's calibre at the right age. It's the age that matters!

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Get the right Guidance to leap through your Career

Let the best team of psychologists and career counsellors help you achieve your dream career!

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