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Top 10 Career Choices for Science Students after 12th

29 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

There is an abundance of career choices for science students after the 12th. Although an enormous number of students appear for various examinations like the B.Tech/B.E, MBBS, BDS, and so on.

Not many know about the alternative career choices that science as a domain brings to the table. In contrast to the prominently held idea, science is an inspiring field to be in and the individuals who have a knack for science are no longer considered the geeks but the cool ones!

Before scoping the career choices for science students after 12th, let us first understand what aptitude means. Aptitude is defined as a high level of intellect or quickness to learn. Aptitude is your natural capacity to learn or be excellent in a specific domain.

So, how does aptitude fit in the bigger picture of making a career choice?

Aptitude is frequently used as an aspect to measure a candidate’s proficiency in a specific field/ career. At the point when a career description mentions an aptitude among the prerequisites one needs, to work in a career, it is alluding to a characteristic ability or a capacity an individual has procured through life experience, study, or training.

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List of Career Options for Science Students after 12th

1) Agriculture – The field of horticulture incorporates organizations and ventures that mass produce rural machinery, businesses that purchase and process the farm items, banking occupations for financing and expanding farms, research about improving the amount and quality of farm items, etc.

2) Biochemistry – Biochemistry career openings can be boundless: private research establishments, medical clinics, government offices, social and non-profit associations all chase for good biochemists. Their objectives are generally comparative – to investigate, analyze, direct trials and discover remedies for infections.

3) Forensic Science – Forensic science is basically about the use of scientific theories for the examination of offences. Utilizing the most recent innovations, forensic researchers translate the hints gathered from a crime scene into proof permissible in a courtroom. 

4) Aqua Science – This career manages specialization in water and submerged environment. Extensively aqua science is the multi-disciplinary investigation of Earth’s interrelated procedures (climate, seas, and land surface) and their relationship to changes in the Earth’s framework.

5) Biostatistics – Biostatistics is a multi-faceted field including the use of measurable strategies and procedures with the end goal of data assortment, data management and data investigation identified with life forms and organic systems.

6) Forest Ranger – Forest ranger is an individual who isn’t just responsible for the forest and more so performs official, supervisory, and protective aspects of the range. He oversees jobs like timber extraction, camp association, survey, street and tramline adjusting developments, to name a few.

7) Photonics – A sub-order of physics, Photonics is the study of eliciting, identifying and controlling photons (light particles). This part of the study has wide applications in communications, imaging, health services, defence, optics, and hardware, etc.


8) Meteorology – Meteorology is a sub-part of Atmospheric science that primarily centres around climate processes and prediction. The field incorporates both climate and weather and is involved with the physical, dynamical, and chemical conditions of the Earth’s atmosphere and the Earth’s surface.

9) Home Science – Home Science might be characterized as the learning required to create a home or family life on par with a changing society by taking the assistance of scientific information and techniques. The subjects engaged with making Home Science a brilliant learning instrument for a better living are PCB, cleanliness, rural advancement, community living, and so on. 

10) Astronomy – Alternatively called Cosmology, this field is the science involving all the divine bodies known to man. It is the investigation of the development, nature, and constitution of celestial bodies. With the improvement of science and innovation, man started to utilize refined mechanical devices for the purpose. India has given the world many best minds like Aryabhatta and Bhaskara in this field.

Well, with so many fantastic options- one needs to get their energy to move to college applications for these courses. Career counselling from the best counselling centre near you, like Brainwonders, will help you harness your potential into satisfying careers- so what are you waiting for?

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