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What Are The Courses Available In India To Pursue After 12th?

03 April,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Courses Available In India To Pursue After 12th

What should I do after 12th? It is a frequently asked question among students studying in class 12th. Every year the question hits lakhs of students in India. Confusion is always present among the students about which career option to choose, career prospects, and career opportunities. Counsellors have found out that most students need to be made aware of the course information and career prospects. Science, Commerce and Arts are the options available for students through which the student can find a relevant course  after 12th.

Selecting a career option shall never be convenient; rather, it should be a highly motivating choice for the students. Students must consider their interests, motivation, and long-term goals when selecting a post-secondary course in India. Students can take classes in various disciplines, from engineering and architecture to law and applied Science to business and management to behavioural and social sciences and more.

In this blog, we have mentioned the list of courses that you can pursue through the Science, Commerce, and Arts stream and help you make an ideal and formal decision aligning with your interest and career prospects after passing the higher secondary class.

1. Courses after 12th Science 

There is a wide range of undergraduate programmes to choose from after 12th class in the science stream. You can choose from the courses below for students interested in pursuing a career in technical fields. 

B.Arch- Bachelor of Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture is a 5-year undergraduate programme that trains the students to become an Architect by profession. In this course, the students learn how to make development structures and procedures to make certain developments using the innovative thought process. 

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate programme that deals with managing computer applications and operational functions. The course focuses on controlling, coordinating, managing and functioning computer applications.

B.Sc.- Information Technology

This course focuses on providing the candidates with an accurate understanding of the numerous software concepts, networking and databases. The students are taught theoretical methodologies as well as practical usage of software developments, web design, programming, computer networking and so on.

B.Sc- Nursing

It is a graduate-level course which falls under paramedical courses. The course mainly looks after imparting the profession's detailed knowledge and technical know-how fundamentals. Additionally, the students in the course will also be educated on wellness, illness, health and disease management.

BPharma- Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is the 4-year UG course that covers the areas of healthcare, including the biomedical field that looks after the preparation of medicines, drugs and implementation of the same for the right ailment. This course covers the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry, from manufacture through dispensing. 

B.Sc- Interior Design

B.Sc. Interior Design prepares students to transform and design interior spaces into impressive settings for human activities. Students also learn to conceptualise and show interior design plans and concepts utilising CAD, 3D Design, and Space Management software. 

BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery

BDS courses are generally meant for those students who want to make a medical career in the field of dentistry. It helps the students to assimilate the skills and knowledge related to dental practices to treat, examine the oral disease, etc. In addition, the course helps the students to get familiar with different medications like dental surgical procedures, orthodontics, periodontics, oral pathology, etc.

Animation, Graphics and Multimedia

It is a field of science that deals with visual communication through the latest tools, methods, techniques, and practices. The course basically deals with providing in-depth knowledge in the field of animation, graphics, VFX and Multimedia.

B.Sc. – Nutrition & Dietetics

The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics degree programme focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of diet management and food science management. By involvement in this course, you will learn both academic and practical knowledge of food science. 

BPT- Bachelor of Physiotherapy

The Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy programme requires students to study various topics, including Sociology, Pathology, Anatomy, and Microbiology, amongst others. 

B.Sc- Applied Geology

Applied Geology is a multidisciplinary course in which the principles of several fields related to geology are applied in the subjects such as economics, engineering, environmental science, water science, technology, etc. 

BA/B.Sc. Liberal Arts

The course provides students with a multidisciplinary point of view by covering social Science, Natural Science, culture, and society, as well as in-depth lessons in their specific areas of interest. Such flexible teaching methods help students develop solid intellectual qualities, including communication, professional, analytical, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills in order to solve real-world scenarios.

B.Sc.- Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics curriculum covers a wide range of disciplines, including quantum physics, electromagnetism, optics, calculus, semiconductors, waves, and statistics.

B.Sc. Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry curriculum covers various chemistry-related disciplines, including organic and inorganic chemistry. You will understand how the relationship between biology and chemistry happens in industrial Science, pharmacology, biochemistry, and other areas of study, which you can use for your own work.

B.Sc. Mathematics

This course emphasises the development of mathematical, numerical, algebraic, geometric, and statistical skills and the acquisition of knowledge in areas such as data analysis, culture, trigonometry, and other related subjects.

Under B.Tech or BE, you have several options for engineering courses after 12th

Bachelor of Technology Courses Bachelor of Engineering Courses Overview
B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering BE in Aeronautical Engineering Aeronautical engineering is a 4-year undergraduate course that prepares students who can master aeronautical engineering for the future. The course's curriculum covers concepts such as design, impetus, aerodynamics, and many more. In order to pursue the course and get admission into top colleges, you need to crack MHT CET with good marks.
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering BE in Automobile Engineering Automobile Engineering aims to create and understand the standards of transformation in the design and work of mechanical and electronic frameworks in automobiles. It will help students familiarise themselves with automobile engineering by studying alternative fuels, safety, construction, electrical systems, etc.
B.Tech in Civil Engineering BE in Civil Engineering Civil Engineering comprises planning, designing, building, maintaining, and supervising highways, bridges, tunnels, schools, hospitals, airports, buildings, sewage systems, and water treatment facilities. This course covers protecting public and environmental health and improving infrastructure. 
B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering BE in Computer Science and Engineering This course helps the students by acknowledging their ability to design software and hardware systems, components, or the process required to meet the desired constraints. It trains the students in a multidisciplinary field by formulating, designing and providing solutions or algorithms to solve complex real-life engineering problems.
B.Tech in Biotechnology Engineering BE in Biotechnology Engineering Biotechnology Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme. The course covers the use of living things in design, innovation, medicine, and other valuable uses. This course covers theoretical and practical understanding of genetic engineering, as well as breakthroughs in cell and tissue culture.
B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering This course covers physics and mathematics, including algebra, polynomial mathematics, trigonometry, and calculus. The course covers the theory and practice of machine operation and electronics in the electrical industry.
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering BE in Electronics and Communication Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering focuses on concepts and designs of electronics and other ways of communication applied in fields such as media transmission, energy, and electronic divisions. It depends on the various systems' research, development, and testing of hardware. 
B.Tech in Automation and Robotics Engineering BE in Automation and Robotics Engineering This course aims to provide the scientific knowledge about engineering basics necessary in formulating, solving and analysing related engineering problems in the field of automation and robotics. The jobs are available after this course in the fields of robotics, automation, industrial automation, manufacturing, aerospace, etc.
B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering BE in Petroleum Engineering The degree focuses on using cutting-edge innovation to manage oil refining activities. During Petroleum Engineering, students learn mining, drilling, etc. Petroleum engineering overlaps with mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering. The course includes Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Economics, Thermodynamics, and more.
B.Tech in Instrumentation Engineering BE in Instrumentation Engineering It deals with the most sophisticated branches of engineering. The field primarily focuses on measuring the flow of charge in automated systems and their controls. Hence it gives a broader branch of engineering, a combination of electronics, mechanical and computer engineering.
B.Tech in Ceramic Engineering BE in Ceramic Engineering The field of engineering courses deals with the thorough study of designing, properties, manufacturing, applications and uses of ceramic materials.
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering BE in Chemical Engineering The course is intended to provide the knowledge regarding systematic design development and operations of process systems from extraction, conversion and recovery of economically valuable materials. 
B.Tech in Structural  Engineering BE in Structural Engineering Structural engineering is the sub-branch of civil engineering where the students are taught to predict, understand and estimate the strength, flexibility, stability and rigidity of the structures for building and non-building structures to oversee the project's construction.
B.Tech in Transportation Engineering BE in Transportation Engineering Planning, designing, and supervising the construction of modern infrastructure are the primary topics covered in Transportation Engineering.
B.Tech in Construction Engineering BE in Construction Engineering Construction Engineering deals with the design and development of transportation systems, highways, flyovers, bridges, buildings, etc.
B.Tech in Power Engineering BE in Power Engineering The course trains the students in the transmission, generation and distribution of electrical devices with electricity or electric power. Power engineering is the combination of electrical and electronics engineering.
B.Tech in Robotics Engineering BE in Robotics Engineering Mathematics, electronic devices and digital circuits, the design of machine elements, the strength of machine elements, automatic control systems, and the kinematics of machines are some topics that will be covered in Robotics Engineering.
B.Tech in Textile Engineering BE in Textile Engineering The course provides information about materials, items and procedure improvement exercises carried out in textile industries. Additionally, the course also covers the topics of fabric formation, chemical processing, applied mechanics, statistics, textile testing, etc.

2. Courses after 12th Commerce

Students who want to discover and learn about finance, accounting and management can opt for Commerce after 10th. For commerce students, numerous career paths are available that help them to explore finance, banking, accounting, investment, insurance, taxation, and many more fields.

B.Com- Bachelor of Commerce

The 3-year programme focuses on corporate organisation. It teaches disciplines like Accounting, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Marketing, HR, and Taxation. There are many specialities to assist candidates in specialising in a field. These include B.Com Honours, Economics, Computer Applications, Foreign Trade Management, Taxation, Accountancy, E-Commerce, and Banking Management. 

BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

A Bachelor of business administration degree gives an in-depth knowledge of business functions and their interrelationships and speciality. BBA imparts managerial and entrepreneurial abilities to management aspirants in Science, Commerce, or arts. The course enhances managerial, communication, and decision-making skills. 

B.Com (Hons.)

B.Com Hons. is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course that develops managerial abilities and business understanding. Students can pursue MBA and M.Com after completing this programme. The course covers organisational behaviour, cost accounting, etc. 

BA (Hons.) in Economics

BA in Economics covers economic theory, econometrics, and applied economics. It focuses on themes like Demand and Supply, Indian Economic History, National Income, Inflation and Deflation, etc. It analyses real-world concerns like international trade, poverty, taxes, crime, and education. 

Integrated Law Program- B.Com LLB

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Legislative Law (BCom LLB) combines Commerce and law to prepare individuals who can handle the legal system in the commerce industry. This course covers banking and financial systems, economics, business communication, business statistics, auditing, finance, and accounting. Law themes include Contract Law, Consumer Protection Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Legal Language, Statute Interpretation, and more.

Integrated Law Program- BBA LLB

BBA+LLB is a 3-year undergraduate programme. The course covers business communication, HRM, quantitative analysis, business maths, business statistics, accounts and finance, business environment, management theory and practice, and marketing management. 

Apart from the courses under Science, Commerce and Arts, you can opt for professional courses after 12th

CA- Chartered Accountancy

In order to become a Chartered Accountant, you must first be administered under The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). You need to clear all three levels of CA framed by ICAI; they are as follows:

  1. CA Foundation Exam
  2. CA Intermediate Exam
  3. Final CA Exam

In addition, the CA aspirant also needs to complete 3 years of Articleship/Training under a practising CA. It mostly takes 4-5 years to become a CA. The duration might increase depending on the number of attempts. 

CS- Company Secretary

To become a Company Secretary, you must first register under The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). You need to clear all three levels of CS framed by ICSI; they are as follows: To become CS, you need to clear all three competitive exams:

  1. Foundation Program
  2. Program for Executives
  3. Professional Development Program

In addition, the CS aspirant should complete 21 months of Training. It mostly takes 3-4 years to become a CS. The duration might increase depending on the number of attempts. 

Bachelor of Design

  1. Accessory Design
  2. fashion Design
  3. Ceramic Design
  4. Leather Design
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Industrial Design
  7. Jewellery Design

Bachelor in Foreign Language

  • Diploma Courses
  • Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Certificate Courses

3. Courses after 12th Arts

With the advent and emergence of globalisation, many new domains were added in the arts field, which help the Arts students make a successful career through the Arts stream.

BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

A BBA prepares students for a career in commercial and business management. BBA is for those who love management and want to develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills. The coursework includes cost accounting, financial accounting, company law, management accounting, and CRM. BBA graduates can launch their own businesses or become entrepreneurs.

BMS- Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies is an undergraduate course for students who want to make a career in the field of management. It is a three-year course which will cover marketing management, operational research, accounting, statistics, etc., to provide the student with a detailed management analysis.

BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA undergraduate programme offers creative courses for those who want to explore the innovative art area. The course opens doors in graphic design, animation, film, and media. After 12th Arts, BFA provides various courses, making it a diverse programme. You can explore various fields like teaching, freelancing, animation, etc.  

Integrated Law Course- BA + LL.B

Law students pursue BA in Legislative Law. After 12th Arts or another stream, you can pursue a 5-year BA LLB. Lawyer/attorney/advocate is a renowned profession. This comprehensive course attracts law-minded students. This course teaches law through case studies. 

BJMC- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

BJMC course is a perfect combination for media, journalism, and mass communication enthusiasts. This course covers media legislation, ethics, management, design, writing, designing, socio-economic and political elements of India, etc. 

BFD- Bachelor of Fashion Designing

Bachelor of Fashion Designing course covers fabrics, colours, and ornamentation to produce garments, textiles, jewellery, footwear, and accessories. The course covers fashion drawing, costume design, fashion history, sewing, concepts, trends, and business communication. Additionally, the course teaches candidates imagination, visual perception, artistic talent, global design vision, creativity, and market trends. 

BSW- Bachelor of Social Work

In the Bachelor of Social Work course, you'll study sociology, human growth & behaviour, contemporary developmental studies, human rights, fieldwork, and computer application. Introduction to Social Work, Social Problems in India, Social Work Research & Statistics, and Social Work Administration are prominent BSW topics. Additionally, you will also learn persuasion, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication.

BBS- Bachelor of Business Studies

The BBS course covers business, finance, accounting, management and operations, which are necessary while studying business studies. Accordingly, the course helps the students equip essential skills like intellectual, analytical and interpersonal skills.

BTTM- Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Travel & Tourism Management is a three-year curriculum. The BA in Travel and Tourism Management examines travel and movement. Travel industry improvement is taught to students. Every ability needed to be a movement organiser or tour guide is considered. 

B.Sc.- Hospitality and Hotel Administration

It is a three-year full-time course that teaches housekeeping, computers, hotel management, financial management, tourism and travel management, front office, etc. The training aims to equip participants with the skills and information to ace any hospitality duty. 

B.Sc- Interior Design

This course prepares students to change and design interior spaces into impressive settings for human activities. Students learn to conceptualise and show interior design plans and concepts utilising CAD, 3D Design, and Space Management software. 

Bachelor of Design (B. Design)

It is a 4 year UG course that teaches students the history, idea, innovation, creativity and originality of various territories canvassed in the planning field. Additionally, the course trains the students to incorporate inventiveness and innovation in drawing specialised structures and look after the structure representation.

Bachelor of Performing Arts

This course teaches students to work with music, theatre, and dance. BPA education gives the best Training and specialities in music, dance, and theatre; anyone interested in these areas can opt for it. BPA helps students improve their practical knowledge and skills in music, acting/drama, dance, etc. 

We hope that the information provided above will help you know what courses are available in India which you can choose from. 

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FAQs on Courses Available After 12th Science

Q.1 What are the career options available after 12th Science?

Ans: The top career options available after 12th Science

  1. Engineering
  2. MBBS
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Microbiology
  5. Forensic Science
  6. Biochemistry

Q.2 What are the career options available after 12th commerce?

Ans: The top career options available after 12th commerce

  1. Chartered Accountancy
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Investment Banker
  4. Human Resource Manager
  5. Chartered Financial Analyst

Q.3 What are the career options available after 12th Arts?

Ans: The top career options available after 12th Arts

  1. Fashion Designer
  2. Interior Designer
  3. Event Manager
  4. Hotel Manager
  5. Graphic Designer

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