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Career Assessment - How do Career Assessment work?

06 December,2021  |  By Brainwonders

What are career assessments?

Career assessments are instruments that are supposed to assist people to understand how a range of personal characteristics such as data values, preferences, motivations, aptitudes, and abilities affect their potential to succeed and satisfaction in various career alternatives and work situations. 

In the last century, career evaluations have played a crucial role in professional development and the economy. Individuals and organisations such as university career service centres, career counsellors, outplacement companies, corporate human resources staff, executive coaches, vocational rehabilitation counsellors, and guidance counsellors frequently use assessments to assist individuals in making more informed career decisions. The nice thing about career assessments is that they aren't conclusive, so there's no definite right or wrong answer. Every person is unique, and their assessment findings will be as well.

How do career assessments work? 

Students used to pick their job based on two factors before career evaluations were found. either their favourite pastime or a well-liked profession. Gender used to play a role in employment choices; for example, women aspired to be teachers, whilst males aspired to be engineers or physicians. There were also a restricted number of career alternatives. However, as a result of globalization, there are more options. As a result, deciding on a professional path is tough. This is where career evaluations come into play. The method that underpins career evaluations is fairly straightforward. Career evaluations give out all of the factors to consider when making a career choice in front of students, who must now choose the response that most resonates with them.


With the progression of the assessment, a student keeps streamlining towards their best-fit career, essentially making it easier for students to decipher their true interests and match them to other critical elements – skill, aptitude, personality, and so on – required to make an informed career decision.

What does career assessments include?

Career assessments can be employed in a variety of ways. While some tests still employ outdated procedures and criteria, others are attempting to bring about a shift in professional testing and evaluations. Interest, aptitude, and personality are three factors that are consistent throughout all examinations. 

Psychometric tests of personality, IQ, and aptitude are commonly used in career evaluations. Such psychometric tests are valid and conventional measurements of such characteristics, with guaranteed outcomes. Individual psychometric tests, as well as a set of them, can be used to assess a person's career.

Personality, aptitude, interest, and IQ are among the psychometric tests used by Brainwonders. Aside from psychometrics, Brainwonders also offers the Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test, which is trademarked in the United States. It is India's only patented exam that can provide information on all elements of occupations, including learning styles, brain dominance, personality, and aptitude.


What is the result of career assessment tests? 

Assessments of one's career led to a better understanding of oneself. Career evaluations allow you to reflect and get clarity on your abilities, personality, and requirements. A career assessment's outcome is clarity. When you check through the analysis and report, you will have a better understanding of who you are as a person, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. This directly adds to a person's suitability for one or more occupations. This type of reflection is necessary for making current or future job decisions. 

A detailed report and an interactive counselling session with a professional psychologist are provided by Brainwonders. The report provides a comprehensive insight into one's learning styles, dominant brain lobes, strengths and weaknesses, parenting advice for parents, and a career alternatives list. Furthermore, the psychologist offers suggestions on how a person may creatively utilise all of his abilities, as well as how parents can assist their children in the counselling session.


Benefits of Career Assessment Tests? 
  • Assesses your intrinsic qualities, IQ, potentials, and learning ability to determine your strengths and limitations.
  • Shows you your perfect job based on your skills.
  • Demonstrate your abilities and how you can use them effectively. 
  • Helps you in making a better career decision. 
When can one take career assessments? 

Career assessments can be conducted at any age. We at Brainwonders administer DMIT for children as small as two years of age, as it helps parents understand their children at an early stage. Understanding a kid's potential, personality, and learning style can assist parents in determining what kind of parenting their child will require in the future. 

There isn't a certain period when you should take a career evaluation. It's usually preferable to get rid of your perplexity as soon as possible. Hence, one can take career assessments when: 

  • one is selecting a stream 
  • While making career decisions 
  • while selecting a specialisation 
Who can take career Assessments? 

These exams are open to anyone of any age who is having difficulty deciding on a professional path. Although it is recommended that these tests be taken at a young age because altering one's mind and self is simpler at that age.

  • Students in high school can take these examinations to choose which career path they should pursue.
  • These assessments can be used by students who have passed 12th grade and are about to enrol in college to determine what type of topic specialisation they should pursue.
  • People who have finished their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can also take these exams to determine what type of work is best for them.
Are the career assessments reliable? 

Any test's accuracy and reliability are determined by how it is developed and the research that goes into it. Every person, as we all know, is unique. Skills, perspectives, motives, aptitudes, and personality traits differ significantly from person to person and between cultures, regions, and demographics. As a result, to make tests more dependable, they use a consistent structure, questions, administration, and scoring. These exams are developed by highly qualified researchers who have spent many years developing them. Psychometric tests developed by Brainwonders, such as the Mensa IQ exam and the Big Five Personality test, are widely used and highly accurate measurements of intelligence and personality. 

Brainwonders also owns the DMIT biometric test's US patent. The report for the DMIT is generated at our international centres that are in Taiwan and Malaysia. Brainwonders is now a decade old group of highly skilled psychologists and counsellors who come together to design counselling sessions for each individual.

Visit Brainwonders; https://www.brainwonders/

A few last words: 

Career assessments are carried out professionally; but, if they are not read correctly, one may end up making the wrong decision for oneself. As a result, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a professional counsellor to fully comprehend and interpret the results.

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