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How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

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Aptitude test: What you can expect in an interview process

20 May,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Aptitude test: What you can expect in an interview process

What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is a way to figure out what a person is naturally good at, how good they are at certain things, and so on. People can find out more about their natural talents and skills as well as how well they work by taking aptitude tests. They also help people figure out how well their natural skills and abilities work with each other. It also tells a person a lot more about their strengths and weaknesses. An aptitude test is taken by children, students, adults, working professionals, etc.

In this post, we will discuss the aptitude test which is taken in the corporate world for the recruitment of candidates.

Why do employers use aptitude tests?

An aptitude test is the best way for employers to reach a candidate's skills, abilities, and potential through various testing formats. An aptitude test will test your ability to perform tasks and handle as well as react to situations at work. This includes problem-solving, critical thinking, numerical skills, and logical reasoning, amongst other things. Aptitude test comes under psychometric test. Psychometric tests consist of multiple-choice questions, and there is only one correct answer; your score is then automated, and your aptitude test scorecard is generated. These tests are based on your skills, which helps the employer identify the skills you are good at. You can give online as well as offline aptitude tests. You can go for an online mock aptitude test that will help you gauge what type of questions to expect in an aptitude test.

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  • Employers do the recruitment or the selection of the employees with the help of an aptitude test along with an interview.
  • An aptitude test helps the managers to compare the candidates against each other and find the suitable person for the job role.
  • An aptitude test is an efficient way to test whether a candidate perfectly fits in a particular job role and whether the candidate has enough work experience to perform the responsibilities and duties of the job efficiently.
  • Aptitude tests are highly integrated and help the hiring manager or employer select the candidates based on his/her aptitude test assessment.
  • Generally, organisations provide login credentials for online aptitude tests to select candidates. Because of this, online testing is an excellent way to do initial screening because it is cost-effective.
  • The benefits of online aptitude testing include the instant availability of results. The exam may be taken at recruitment agency premises or even at home.

How does the aptitude test benefit corporate organisations?

What's the purpose of an aptitude test, and how do you take an aptitude test?

Aptitude tests are the best reason for hiring managers to evaluate candidates' suitability, consistency, and flexibility for a specific role. An aptitude test is a great tool to identify how candidates might deal with the challenges involved in that specific role. 

Even though aptitude tests are often given online, some companies offer candidates the chance to take the test in person at their offices. This depends on what steps they take to hire new people.

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What are the types of aptitude tests?
  1. Concentration Test - Tests your accuracy, observation skill and efficiency. 
  2. Abstract Reasoning Test - This test helps you determine your fluid intelligence, and your ability to learn things also measures your grasping ability.
  3. Logical Reasoning Test - Tests your ability to recognise patterns, sequences, etc. In short, it measures your logical ability.
  4. Situational Judgement Test - Situational test your problem-solving ability, determines how you handle challenging situations, etc
  5. Verbal Reasoning Test - Measures your verbal logic and determines how you are good at verbal ability.
  6. Inductive Reasoning Test - Tests how well you can see patterns and analyse data in a timed situation.
  7. Diagrammatic Reasoning Test - Diagrammatic test combines both a logical reasoning test and an abstract reasoning test. This test assesses your logical reasoning, flowcharts, diagrams, etc.
  8. Numerical Reasoning Test - Measures your statistical, numerical, and mathematical abilities through percentages, averages, ratio-proportion, etc.
  9. Fault Diagnosis Test - Tests your ability to approach problems logically to find the fault.
  10. Data Checking Test -Measures how quickly, immediately and accurately can detect errors in data.
What questions are asked in aptitude tests?

The questions asked in an aptitude test will differ based on the type of job role you are applying for. The questions are in multiple-choice format; you just have to select one option as your answer. They may ask you to identify a missing number, shape, or picture. They also may provide you with a written scenario from which to derive your answers. In verbal aptitude examinations, the responses are given in the form of true, false, and "can't say," respectively.

Whether the questions are quantitative or logical reasoning or mathematical or problem-solving based, they test how you process information. This can be useful for hiring managers who are looking for data analysts, data scientists, and software developers across all levels.

How to prepare for an aptitude test?

The best suggestion we can provide you if you know that you will take the aptitude test is you have to practise beforehand. Practise the aptitude test by doing the preparation time wisely. Most of the individuals have just one or two days to study for aptitude examinations. So make sure to prepare well before the exam. Listed below are the ways which will help you to prepare for an aptitude test:

  1. Figure out what kind of aptitude test you'll be taking. You need to ask the person in charge of hiring for practice questions. Sometimes, the questions are already given by the person in charge of hiring so that you can get used to them.
  2. Go through the sample questions provided by the organisation or the recruitment person.
  3. Do practise the online aptitude tests. 

Our Brainwonders Counsellors are here to help you with complete guidance and assistance in preparing for the Aptitude test. Today, in the era of work, organisations mostly run multiple interview stages in order to select the best candidates for their company. Most of the time, hiring managers look after the aptitude test. There are times when hiring managers are busy with their work. Hence, the organisation primarily outsources the people who look after the candidates' aptitude test assessment and hire the best candidates in coordination with the company hiring committee and hire the perfect person for that particular job role.

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