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How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

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Advantage and Disadvantage of Aptitude Test

30 July,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Aptitude Test

Have you heard of a psychometric instrument that will determine your essential attributes? Well, the Aptitude Test is one of the beneficial tools which will help in figuring out an individual's aptitudes, abilities, capabilities, and skills.

Unsure about your career? Take the Brainwonders Aptitude test, which will certainly map out your strengths and potential areas. For more information, click on the link below. Brainwonders Online Aptitude Test.

An aptitude test determines what a person is naturally good at, how good they are at particular things, and so on. Aptitude exams can help people learn more about their innate talents and skills, as well as how well they function. They also assist people in determining how effectively their inherent skills and abilities complement one another. It also reveals a lot more about a person's strengths and flaws. Children, students, adults, working professionals, and others all can take aptitude tests. 

Employers can assess a candidate's skills, abilities, and potential via an aptitude test. An aptitude exam measures your ability to handle and react to professional challenges. This encompasses problem-solving, critical thinking, maths, and logic. Psychometrics includes aptitude tests. Psychometric tests consist of multiple-choice questions with one right answer; your score is automated and a scorecard is generated. These skills-based examinations help employers uncover your strengths. Online and offline aptitude exams are available. An online aptitude test can help you anticipate test questions.

Advantage of Aptitude test

We already knew that aptitude testing makes objective comparisons of candidates easier.There are different quantitative ways to understand if an individual’s ability to perform is in tune with a specific role's requirements. Hence, there are several advantages of aptitude tests. Let's look at them in the following section.

Concentrate on Core Competencies

Aptitude tests are an excellent way to assess human tendencies, potentials, and strengths.They are helpful in determining an individual's skills and abilities. These skills are collectively known as "competency" and can be easily measured with a good quality aptitude test. With this advantage, aptitude tests can assess different skills. Hence, with the help of cumulative competencies, aptitude tests can offer precise evaluations.

Evaluation Beyond Resumes 

As we all know, while conducting an interview, aptitude tests are mostly taken. Because the employers or the hiring team already know that selecting the candidate on the basis of resumes is not biassed, that is why they conduct the aptitude test in order to understand the diverse qualities adequately. 

For example, if a computer science graduate lacks logical reasoning skills, he or she will likely struggle in a work function that needs programming skills. Aptitude exams examine candidates on the spot, guaranteeing that a particular applicant will meet the requirements of the current post. Because aptitude tests are reliable, candidates who inflate their skills in their resumes can be cross-checked. 

Psychometric Objective Assessment 

The key to a successful recruitment process is to evaluate the candidates objectively. It is not easy to identify human intelligence. Moreover, using the aptitude test helps the recruiters measure the candidates' strengths and potential and then only select the right candidate for the job. 

Effective Screening 

While employing the right candidate for the job, there are a number of applicants applying for a handful of job openings. Hence, efficient screening can be a daunting process. In order to avoid this cluster, aptitude tests are the best way to figure out the right candidate for the particular job. This will help the hiring committee in filtering out incompetent candidates during the initial stage.

Standardisation and fairness

Aptitude tests are a systematic method of evaluating candidates that saves time by focusing on important mental abilities. Because the outcomes are independent of educational backgrounds and work experience, these exams are fair and unbiased. Furthermore, the test findings are not manipulated. 

Insights into Training Requirements

In most organisations, aptitude testing is already a standard technique for planning and implementing L&D projects, as it provides extensive insights into the training needs and skill gaps of the existing workforce. Additionally, people transitioning to various job roles might reevaluate their selection using aptitude testing. 


Aptitude tests are extremely cost effective, one can easily take the aptitude assessment. Because aptitude tests may be administered remotely, they are incredibly cost-effective and viable. Their scalability and auto-grading capabilities further eliminate the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive human intervention. 

Online mode

Because of the online mode feature, aptitude tests are easy to use, one can easily appear for an online aptitude test. Even the organisation, while hiring the right candidate, provides the login credentials to the applicants, so that they can take the aptitude test assessment as per their preferred place.

Disadvantage of Aptitude Test

When it comes to candidate testing, aptitude tests are a commonly accepted test that will help to determine the candidate's ability. However, there are still some disadvantages to aptitude tests, which cannot be ignored. Essentially, these examinations do not take into account factors such as artistic aptitude, musical intelligence, social ability, and so on.

Understanding why aptitude tests are limited in their approach would enable recruiters and organisations to be more accepting of their selection criteria. Let us look at the disadvantages of the aptitude test.

Don’t measure all areas

Some areas of intellect and ability, such as creative skills, spatial awareness, social ability, and musical intelligence, are overlooked by aptitude tests. 

Test Anxiety

Anxiety can affect the performance of the candidate, which may lead to measuring their true capabilities and strengths. It's reasonable, especially for individuals who are new to the workforce. Employment pressure is widespread since they recognise it is a critical chance for them in their career. As a result, it may lead to blunders, which will be reflected in their final scores with the recruiter. 

Soft skills are not considered

The main focus of the aptitude test is on the candidates' hard skills assessment. whereas their soft skills are not being assessed. Although hard skills establish whether or not someone can perform job obligations, they do not identify their character or how well they would function as a team member. 

Personality traits are not considered

The aptitude test scores are not indicative of undesirable or desirable aspects of personality traits. Therefore, apart from the aptitude test assessment, the personality test is very crucial for the wholesome evaluation.

Early judgement

Some candidates may perform poorly on aptitude tests for several reasons. Solely relying on test scores may not be the best way to accept or reject an individual without other key parameters like domain, personality, soft skills, etc.

 Why should you take the Brainwonders Aptitude Test?

The Brainwonders Aptitude Test assists you in visualising your strengths and determining your potential. It will assist you in identifying your skills, abilities, aptitudes, and capabilities.

Brainwonders also offers career counselling, DMIT (Mother of all tests), personality test, and IQ tests in addition to the aptitude exam.

Brainwonders has assisted thousands of students in determining their ability since 2011. People who are trapped in other career-related problems and are unsure of what to do have visited Brainwonders. If you are at a stage in your life where you don't know what to do or are undecided about which job path to choose, you should take the Brainwonders online aptitude exam. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are eager to assist you!

There are many great careers, but your potential is unique.

Identify your skills and talents and align it with one of the top performing careers!


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