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How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

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What is an Aptitude Test and How to Take an Aptitude Test- Brainwonders

19 January,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Aptitude Test Brainwonders

An Aptitude Test is used to track a person's developed or emerging talents and interests. Aptitude tests are important in determining the proper profession and preparing for it. The most common and time-tested assessment administered during the academic era and for business management is the online aptitude test and psychometric test.

A career aptitude exam can help you comprehend the link or relationship between your cognitive ability, career fields, and professional performance. The aptitude test will always provide a profile in which one may identify one's capabilities as well as areas in which additional development is required.

Aptitude tests are a popular way to determine a person's eligibility for a certain vocation. As a result, aptitude tests are given to people who are thinking about changing careers or who wish to improve their current ones. Taking an aptitude test is thus highly suggested and desired by all, and it acts as a data point for career planning and execution through career counselling.

It is now easier to obtain standardised aptitude testing. Kids can take an online aptitude test and receive results in minutes, eliminating the need for them to wait for long periods of time. The results will be devoid of human error and bias.

Takeaways for an Aptitude Test:


Some aptitude tests are particularly specific and are used to evaluate candidates for specific college courses, professional degrees (such as business and law), and recruitment and employment in select corporations. However, comprehensive exams can be taken at the school level to track future prospects and grow accordingly. It has various advantages, including:

  • Helps you plan and prepare for the best career for you; 
  • Performs a SWOT analysis for you; 
  • Assists parents, guardians, and mentors in better understanding the youngster.
  • Personal interests are aligned for professional growth.
  • Gives you the tools you need to overcome difficulties on your way to a successful career.
  • Aids in understanding the requirements of a specific occupation; provides educational grooming
  • Provides a diverse range of vocations and the disciplines required for each.

As a result, both students and corporate organisations employ aptitude tests for a variety of functions such as SWOT analysis, course selection, career development, and more. The Aptitude Test assesses acquired abilities and talents in relation to the person's background and normalised scores. The outcome also emphasises professional options based on skills, but it does not mandate that one confine themselves to their strengths. It encourages one to work on all facets of one's job to keep all choices open.

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When Should You Take an Aptitude Test?

The Aptitude Test is available at a variety of career counselling and educational counselling centres.

It can also be used in conjunction with the DMIT Test and IQ Test analysis (report) for advanced mapping. It is generally necessary to be very detailed and clear when choosing future job routes, and understanding of one's own skills, aptitude, hobbies, intrinsic traits, and abilities is essential.

Aptitude Test Video

What is evaluated by the Aptitude Test?

The Aptitude test assesses the following characteristics, which can be utilised to shape personal, social, and professional development.

  1. Visualization of Space

Mental rotation and cognitive manipulation of 2D and 3D forms and objects

  1. Understanding of Numbers

Ability to perform mathematical computations and mentally process numbers

  1. Creativity


Ability to contextualise information before applying an out-of-the-box approach and abstract processing

  1. Linguistic Skill

It assesses literary abilities such as comprehension, spelling, and grammar.

  1. Speed and Accuracy of Perception

Capability to swiftly assess and draw clear conclusions from given data

  1. Mechanical Comprehension

Capability to apply basic technical concepts and principles

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Here is how our Aptitude Test is for everyone. 

  • Junior Primary Aptitude Test (7-8 years)

As the child begins to explore the world of formal education, parents, teachers, and other mentors can utilise the analysis to set particular goals and select appropriate teaching approaches.

  • Senior Primary Aptitude Test (9-10 years)

This is the appropriate age to learn how the child is acquiring and grasping specific ideas and skills, and the results can be utilised to influence the child beyond academics.

  • Middle School Aptitude Test (11-12 years)

At this point, the school courses continue to diversify into more areas that focus on certain topics and themes, each with their own set of requirements, while the student must also develop their extracurricular interests.

  • Lower Secondary Aptitude Test (13-14 years)

The test profile would be able to provide a SWOT analysis of the child's journey thus far, which the child and applicable guides may use to investigate specific career alternatives and overcome any personal barriers to their professional aspirations.

  • Aptitude Test for High School (15+ years)

By this point, it is clear that one cannot make a professional option only on the basis of one's interests and current strengths. Future-oriented aspects such as job satisfaction, prospects, and work-life balance should become obvious before embarking on a specific career path.

  • Adult and Corporate Aptitude Test (18+ years)

Many organisations not only use aptitude tests during hiring but also subject their staff to them on a regular basis to assess growth. Adults and working professionals, on the other hand, benefit from it by using it to raise their own profile.

How to take an Aptitude Test with Brainwonders?

Mentioned below are 5 simple steps to unlock your potential and know what you’re meant to do:

  1. Sign-Up

Just sign up! Visit the site and fill in your credentials to sign up. 

  1. Take the Test

As soon as you sign up you will have a variety of options to choose from. Pick Aptitude Test. Brainwonders’ Aptitude Test is a multiple-choice test that will be timed for accuracy. Take a deep breath and begin. 

  1. Evaluation

Brainwonders uses a standardized key to score the inputs of a candidate since the test is an objective one. The evaluation is done very accurately to give the candidate a very clear picture. 

  1. Report and Interpretation

A complete report of the aptitude profile is compiled and generated based on the evaluation of the inputs given by the candidate.

  1. Career Guidance along with certification

The counsellor provides a one-on-one session to the candidate which includes a clear explanation of the aptitude profile and steps to take for successful development. All this is curated according to the needs of the client.

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