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How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

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Define and Conduct an Online Aptitude Test

04 August,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Define and Conduct an Online Aptitude Test

Table of Content:

What is an Online Aptitude Test?

What is the application of the Aptitude Test?

What is the format of an Aptitude Test?

Entrance Exam using Aptitude

Management Aptitude Test
  • Mathematics or Number Crunching 
  • Data Interpretation or Reasoning Ability
  • Language/ English 
Career Aptitude Test
  • Aptitude Test for Freshers (College Graduates)
  • Aptitude test for Lateral Recruitment
  • Aptitude Test for Managerial Position
English Aptitude Test

Campus Selection Hiring Aptitude

What is an Online Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test assesses an individual's ability to perform a particular task efficiently. It determines the potential, skills, capabilities and abilities of an individual.

As a result, the aptitude test is a set of psychometric assessment exams conducted in order to examine critical thinking, analytical thinking, and problem-solving with respect to the number of questions and constraints of the timeline. 

The following things are used in the Aptitude test to analyse candidate ability.

Time Management: It is a test based on the number of questions attempted by the candidate in a given time frame. 

Accuracy of question attempts: It would characterise the capacity to operate within time limits or under duress. Analytical or data interpretation abilities include the ability to examine and grasp facts in order to conclude.

Aptitude test is applicable for different age groups, various entrance tests and various job roles. It is standardised as per targeted examination and the expected outcome of the assessment. Let's have a look at where the aptitude test is used.

With Brainwonders, you will be able to locate your aptitude by taking an Online Aptitude Test.

What is the Application of the Aptitude Test?

There are two significant areas where the Aptitude of an individual is tested.


Parents often want to know their child's potential in advance; that is why they take their child's aptitude test. With the help of earlier assessment, it helps them to determine their strengths and potential. Even the students also go for an aptitude test to know where their interest lies, and accordingly, this will help them make a wise career decision by mapping down their interests.


In the corporate world, the aptitude test is conducted to identify whether a particular candidate will be the right candidate for the right position. Due to aptitude test assessment, organisations get to know the applicant's overall Aptitude, personality and inclination. The test administration benefits the individual and the organisations that hire them.

What is the format of an Aptitude Test?

The "paper pattern" of the aptitude test is such that it does not need to be answered long or briefly.

The online aptitude test needs to be given in MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) format, where all the candidates have to click on the tick on the correct answer.

In terms of the test structure, the exam assesses many aspects of a person's personality.

With the help of the test, the capacity of an applicant, thinking level, problem-solving ability, reasoning ability, everything can be evaluated in a better way.

An online Aptitude test is beneficial to check the individual's problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical thinking.

Educational institutes are conducting aptitude tests in order to filter out suitable students for management and finance courses.

Education institutions assess a candidate's Aptitude because they want to know if that particular potential student is qualified to take the course.

In order to identify and recruit the right candidate for the organisation, aptitude exams are conducted to select the appropriate candidates with analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Brainwonders platform provides you with an Interest Aptitude Test, which will help you to determine your strength, potential and interest areas..

Entrance Examination Using Aptitude

In the education section of the aptitude test, the universities, colleges or medical and business school institutions conduct their own personalised or standardised Aptitude test as the entrance exam for their institution.

This is part of the Central Entrance Test of the institution in order to select the eligible candidate for their offered courses.

The regulations of the aptitude test make the selection process easier and more convenient.

Brainwonders provides a career aptitude test assessment that will help you figure out your Aptitude, capabilities, and potential. 

Since 2011, thousands of students have benefited through Brainwonders Aptitude test assessment. 

Management Aptitude Test

Mathematics or Number Crunching 

This section covers numerical puzzles, business cases, and algebraic and arithmetic questions. This section covers core mathematical calculations, analytical ability and problem-solving ability within a stipulated period of time.

Data Interpretation or Reasoning Ability

This section is more related to the ability to understand the information in the form of graphs, logical reasoning questions, diagrams, maps, etc. These questions are based on the data provided. Thus, this section tests the individual ability of data analysis, and even data comprehension is tested.

Language/ English 

This part focuses on fundamental grammar and the ability to interpret English language paragraphs. Language aptitude is primarily concerned with an individual's capacity to grasp and use language to make decisions.

Career Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test for Freshers 

For freshers, aptitude tests play a prominent role in the organisation. Organisations mostly conduct aptitude test assessments in order to select the right candidate for the job. Some organisations also conduct major specific tests like Written/Verbal Communication skill tests, English Language, and Programming tests in addition to aptitude tests to recruit fresh college graduates.

Aptitude Test for Lateral Recruitment

In this case, if the organisation wants to save time interviewing the applicants, an online aptitude test can be defined, which will save time and would evaluate the aptitude level of the lateral employment opportunities. An aptitude test can be standardised and customised according to the type of recruitment. 

It helps to find suitable candidates for your organisation. Apart from that, aptitude tests will eliminate non-appropriate candidates and thereby can help you to save your time in the recruitment process.

Aptitude Test for Managerial Position

Aptitude tests for management positions may include management case studies, numerical crunching, data analysis, and leadership assessment. Some firms have also begun to use extra psychometric tests to examine an individual's leadership and emotional quotient for management responsibilities.

English Aptitude Test

English language aptitude test is beneficial to understanding written or oral communication as well as comprehension abilities of the individual. By conducting an English aptitude assessment, it helps to find out an individual's English comprehension, grammar and verbal ability. If a person is working in a client-facing position or customer communication is a crucial component of success, then the candidate must ask for an English aptitude test.

Campus Selection Hiring Aptitude 

The Campus Selection aptitude test would be conducted for employment purposes.

Companies and organisations that visit universities to conduct campus interviews or hire new fresh graduates also have a policy of doing aptitude testing.

Aside from the student's academic success, institutions desire to assess the disciple's proclivity.

The exams make it clear for them to relate to the applicant and determine whether the entrant's ambitions and goals align with the organisation's.

If the application is compatible with the organisation's and student's expectations and goals, choosing it becomes much easier. 

The point of being, conducting the aptitude test has proved to be very useful in various parts of the exam. May it be educational institutes or organisations, the aptitude test is helpful in various ways, by testing one's Aptitude aids in understanding the individual in a better way by analysing the Aptitude in various parameters.

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