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Stream Selection in Class 11: A Detailed Look Into All 3 Streams

23 April,2023  |  By Brainwonders

Stream Selection in Class 11: A Detailed Look Into All 3 Streams

Majority of you find yourself in chaos or in a state of confusion about which stream to choose after the 10th. Yes, it seems to be a difficult assignment to do. Of course, the path you pick today will lead to a plethora of job opportunities when you complete your secondary education.

Students who have passed their tenth grade are more likely to make rash judgments on which track to pursue. A number of them want to pick a stream as a result of peer pressure, while others want to choose a stream based on an analysis of the scope without first determining their true interest areas. If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, you should seek the assistance of a counsellor who can advise and lead you through the process of choosing the appropriate stream.

How to choose the right stream after 12th?

Now you haven't even started your career journey, but you cannot figure out which stream you should choose. In order to solve your confusion, go through the steps: 

  1. Consider Career Counselling
  2. Figure out the skills that interest you
  3. List your preference
  4. Find out the stream which will be of your interest area
  5. Note down the subjects in a various particular stream
  6. Analyse whether you will be capable of doing the study of that stream
  7. At last, define your stream  

What are the Streams/ Backgrounds in Class 11th?

After getting a good score in the 10th class from the equivalent Board, there are 3 streams. After determining which stream you should select, you will be studying different subjects in each stream.

The 3 streams which are known to everyone are:

  1. Science
  2. Commerce
  3. Arts/Humanities

Let's have a look at each of them in detail.

  1. Science stream

The majority of you have an idea about this stream. Because in most of the families, you have heard of selecting the science stream because of its numerous career options. Science deals with applying the physical and natural world through the study of pure science, life science, medical science, forensic science and many more. On the contrary, the science stream opens up scalable employment opportunities in the Healthcare, Medical, IT and Engineering sector. 

For instance: Ram, who is good at science, loves to explore the science field because he has a special interest in the subject. When he was in class 9th and 10th, he used to score maximum marks in science. After completing his 10th, he already decided to go for science despite any other stream. Thus, he already knew that his interest was in science, so he opted for the science stream.

Thus, you can also choose the science stream and discover the intricacies of the field by going through its depth. Suppose you have innate characteristics like strong communication skills, logical reasoning, willingness in order to explore and high integrity. In that case, you can also select the science stream, which is further going to make you capable of revealing the best career option in the science field.

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What are the subjects in the Science stream?

Science Subjects

Physics and Chemistry are common in both medical and non-medical branches. Therefore, Medical science subjects in the 11th class include the compulsory combination of PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) subjects. Similarly, in Non-Medical science subjects in 11th have the mandatory combination of PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). Apart from the compulsory science subjects in 11th, there are even optional subjects. A PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology) combination of science subjects in 11th has several attributes. Moreover, if you are opting in order to go for a PCMB combination of subjects, you should carefully consider all the necessary aspects.

In order to get an idea about the science subjects, in brief, look at the charts mentioned below.

Medical subjects:

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. English
  • Psychology
  • Biotechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Home Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education

Non-Medical Subjects:

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics
  4. English
  • Economics 
  • Computer Science
  • Home Science
  • Physical Education
  • Informatics Practices
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts

Which career options are available to you if you choose the Science Stream?

Depending upon the science subjects in 11th and 12th, you will figure numerous career paths. There are several career routes in the medical and non-medical sectors. With the emergence of the importance of education, you are strongly looking for variable and diversified career paths in the science stream. Apart from engineering, medicine and architecture, there are many more fields in the sciences in which you can start your career. 

Listed below is the classification of career options for Science students with different alternative subjects:

Career options for PCB students:

  • MBBS
  • Dentistry
  • Ayurveda
  • Biotechnology
  • Psychology
  • Microbiology
  • Clinical Research
  • Homoeopathy
  • Pharmacology
  • Botany
  • Biophysics
  • Zoology
  • Physiology
  • Biomedical science
  • Allied medical science

Career options for PCM students:

  • Architecture
  • Statistics
  • Aviation
  • Industrial Design
  • Merchant Navy
  • Forensic Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Application 
  • Information Technology
  • Fashion Technology
  • Defence
  • Physical Science
  • Animation & Graphics

Career options of PCMB students:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Astronomy
  • Space Technology
  1. Commerce Stream

For instance: Priya, who is good at maths, and loves to solve complex maths problems, will surely select commerce as her stream. Because in commerce stream calculation, algebra, geometrics, numerical and statistics are involved. This will help her in Accounting. That's why she selected a commerce background.

Commerce is a field where students learn about mathematics, accounting, business, trading, investment and many more in the commercial or economic world. In commerce, one can easily equip a career of his or her own interest. Because in commerce, you will be accumulating knowledge from various fields like e-commerce, investment, stock market, economics, statistics, insurance, etc.

Several subfields of commerce deal with the study of commerce, including trade and finance. Students in commerce learn about the interchange of products and services, company operations, financial transactions, and the country's economy as a whole. Commerce and its associated jobs are essential to our daily lives, making it a profitable and wide-ranging employment sector.

This stream relies heavily on numbers; therefore, whether or not you decide to pursue a degree in mathematics is irrelevant. The capacity in order to handle huge volumes of data and do complex computations is essential for business success.

What are the subjects in the Commerce stream?

Commerce subjects will be convenient for you if you love maths. Additionally, in accounting subjects, you will be learning about cash books, balance sheets, bank reconciliation statements, trading accounts, profit & loss, journal entries and many more. Besides maths and accounting, you will also cover essential commerce subjects. For a better understanding, have a look at the below chart:

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Let's have a look at maths subjects in class 11th:

Commerce Subjects:
Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
  1. Accountancy
  2. Business Studies
  3. Economics
  4. Mathematics
  5. English
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science
  • Multimedia & Web Technology
  • Legal Studies
  • Informatics Practices
  • Psychology
  • Fine Arts
Which career options are available to you if you choose the Commerce Stream?

The commerce field is one of the lucrative fields, which has tremendous job opportunities in India as well as abroad. The scope of the commerce field has been increasing over the years because of the rise in multinational companies who need human resources in the field of investment, accounting, book-keeping, costing, finance and many more areas. 

Major career options after 12th commerce include

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Company Secretary
  • Cost Management Accounting
  • Certified Financial Analyst
  • Actuarial Science
  • Management
  • Economics
  • Investment Banking
  • Stockbroking
  • Hotel management
  • Law
  1. Arts Stream

Arts has now also become the emerging stream. Earlier, arts was taken by few students because of its scope, but now Arts scope has risen so much that students are willing to pursue Arts stream. Humanities or Arts is the field that deals with the ideas, functionalities of societal development, social issues, relationship, culture, systems, teachings, and many more.

For example: Aryan, who loves Social Studies, he loves to discover the historical culture, facts, social issues, knows about the geographical environment, and loves historical events. As a result, he realised that his interest was mainly in social studies, so he opted for the Arts stream.

In Arts, you will be exploring the humanities-related subjects. Everything falls within the scope of humanities, from the study of how people behave in social situations in order to the study of citizens' legal rights.

If you also have the innate attributes that have a special interest in the field of humanities, you can explore and study the differential aspects of the Arts stream.

What are the subjects in the Humanities/Arts stream?

On the one hand, scientific topics include physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and other disciplines. Accounting, algebra, and other courses are examples of commerce subjects. However, the topics will include historical, economic, sociological, political, geographical, and legal dimensions in the arts.

Arts Subjects:

Compulsory Subjects Optional Subjects
  1. History
  2. Political Science
  3. Economics
  4. Geography
  5. Sociology
  6. Psychology.
  • Maths
  • Home Science
  • Legal Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Physical Education
  • Media Studies

Which career options are available to you if you choose the Arts Stream?

The most common myth about the humanities stream is that it doesn't have many job options after high school. What can you do with History and Geography? Well, this shows how little people know about the humanities.

Major career options after Arts include

  • Journalism
  • Economics
  • International Relation
  • Teaching
  • Mass Communication
  • Management
  • Content writing
  • Social Work
  • Civil Services
  • History
  • Geography
  • Archaeology

If you are still not able to figure out which stream you should choose, then visit Brainwonders. Under the guidance of a career counselling expert psychologist, we will help you determine the right stream for you. You can also go for a Brainwonders Aptitude Test where you will get to know your interest area. Our counsellors will help you figure out the correct stream for you based on your aptitude result. We at Brainwonders helped several 10th pass out students to find out the right stream for them. We would love to help you too!

Confused about which Course to choose after 10th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead


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