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MCA (Master of Computer Application): Course, Entrance Exam, Eligibility, Duration, Fees, Syllabus, Salary

06 July,2022  |  By Brainwonders

  • What is MCA?
  • Types of MCA Course
  • MCA Course: Quick Highlights
  • What are the Eligibility Criteria for MCA Program?
  • Why should one pursue MCA?
  • Does MCA require work experience? 
  • What is the average salary after completion of MCA?
  • Does MCA require an entrance exam?
  • What are the different types of MCA specialisations?
  • What is the course curriculum of MCA?
  • How to get into top universities for MCA?
  • What are the Top Colleges for pursuing an MCA course?
  • How can one get scholarships for MCA?

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What is MCA?


MCA full form is Masters in Computer Application. It is a course that deals with the advanced study of computer applications and the latest technology. The course is beneficial for students who want to start their career in the IT field. Hence the course develops the students' personalities in order to make them capable of working across the IT sector. The course covers various aspects of information technology, such as programming, website designing, coding, and many more. MCA course is of 2 years with 4 semesters.

The degree started with the initiative to give the information technology industry a large number of professionals in the field of computer science. The program is offered in both regular and online modes of education. The course revolves around both theoretical and practical exposure, which is required by the candidates when they go out in the real world. MCA course offers various specialisations which help the candidates to select the specialisation based on their interest.

Types of MCA Course


Regular MCA/ Full-time MCA

It is a program specially designed for students who have graduated and are willing to do further education by pursuing a Master of Computer Application program. In this program, students must attend offline classes and be present during verbal and written examinations. Thus, it is a traditional form of learning, and all the universities or institutions provide full-time MCA courses.

Distance MCA

Distance MCA is also a form of learning mode. The distance MCA is basically for the students who cannot pursue their higher studies in the regular mode. It helps the students in pursuing their degrees without attending regular lectures daily. Through virtual lectures, they can complete their education on their own,

Online MCA

Online MCA is a professional degree course just like regular and distance MCA. Furthermore, in this course, students are required to attend virtual lectures and submit assignments online. Online MCA differs from both regular and distant MCA programmes in that you attend lectures online and take tests online. 

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MCA Course: Quick Highlights

Types of MCA Duration Eligibility Mode of Learning Top Colleges Entrance Exams
Full-time/Regular 3 Years Graduation + Entrance marks Offline Indraprastha University, National Institute of Technology, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU), etc. Universities conduct their own entrance exams
Online MCA 3 Years Graduation Online LPU, Manipal, Amity, Jain, etc. No entrance
Distance MCA 3 Years Graduation Online Sikkim Manipal University, Andhra University, etc. No entrance

What are the Eligibility Criteria for MCA Program?

In order to be eligible for the MCA program, the student must fit the eligibility criteria as mentioned below:

  • Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in MCA from a recognised university
  • Candidates also must have scored at least 60% marks in the bachelor's degree
  • The students who are in the last year of their bachelor's degree can also apply for MCA programs

However, the MCA course's eligibility requirements for distance learning are not as complicated. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in any relevant discipline from a recognised university and a minimum aggregate percentile.

Why should one pursue MCA?

As we all know, the IT sector is increasing at an alarming rate. The IT sector always needs professional computer experts who can look after computer applications, programming, programming languages, coding, website development, application development, etc. Hence, the scope for MCA passouts students is in demand in both the private and public sectors. 

We live in a digitalisation era, where there are a plethora of employment opportunities when it comes to MCA graduates. Information Technology, Networking Consultancy, Programming and Software are some areas of work that offer competitive salary packages to the MCA freshers. And further, the package might also increase depending on the number of work experience. 

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Does MCA require work experience? 

There is no compulsion to have work experience if you apply for an MCA. However, having work experience for even one year can actually benefit you in understanding your interest and work fields. 

Accordingly, you will be able to figure out what suits your capabilities and help you determine the particular field while also giving your time to explore. Or else there is no such compulsion for the students to have work experience to qualify for the course.

What is the average salary after completion of MCA?

The average salary for the fresh graduates of MCA is between INR 3 to 5 lakhs per annum. The salary might increase depending on the number of work experience. The career prospects after completion of MCA include:

  • Software Developer: Avg INR 7 LPA
  • Computer System Analyst: Avg INR 6 LPA
  • Hardware Engineer: Avg INR 6.3 LPA
  • Software Consultant: Avg INR 8.5 LPA

Does MCA require an entrance exam?

Specific entrance exams are required for MCA eligibility. Many universities grant admission by conducting entrance exams and selecting the applicant based on the particular cut-off. Listed below are the exams conducted by the top MCA universities:

  • AIMCET (MCA entrance exam)
  • JECA
  • PAM

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What are the different types of MCA specialisations?

Numerous specialisations under MCA can be discovered and give the students a broader scope in the field of the IT sector. Different types of MCA specialisations are:

  • Systems Management
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Networking
  • Application Software
  • Software Development
  • Internet Working
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hardware Technology

What is the course curriculum of MCA?

MCA First Year MCA Second Year MCA Third Year
Fundamentals of IT Theory of Computation Linux Programming
Operating Systems Object Oriented Analysis and Design Electives
Data and File Structures Design and Analysis of Algorithms Enterprise Computing with Java
Object Oriented Programming in C++ Data Warehousing and Data Mining 6-month Internship
Programming in C Computer Graphics Software Testing
Software Engineering Computer Networks
Computer Organisation Data Communications and Networking
Database Management Systems Web Technologies
Discrete Mathematics Java Programming

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How to get into top universities for MCA?

  • Numerous universities offer MCA programmes with outstanding faculty. However, in order to be admitted to these colleges, students must first familiarise themselves with the universities' eligibility standards.
  • Students should remember that they must meet the university's eligibility standards to get admitted to the best universities. Furthermore, the students should score at least 50% aggregate score.
  • The aggregate will assist students in getting identified by premier universities and, as a result, getting a seat there. Aside from that, a thorough university study is required before enrolling.
  • The research will merely provide them with information about the university, allowing them to shape themselves accordingly. 

What are the Top Colleges for pursuing an MCA course?

  1. Department of Computer Science, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, Maharashtra
  2. School of Computer and Systems Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
  3. School of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  4. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra
  5. National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli
  6. National Institute of Technology, Rourkela
  7. Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad
  8. Christ University, Bangalore
  9. P.S.G. College of Technology, Coimbatore

How can one get scholarships for MCA?

Scholarships are available in India across various institutes to which one applies. To be eligible for the scholarship reward, the students must meet the specific requirements. Thus the eligibility standard for each sort of scholarship may differ. Additional scholarships are available for students who are willing to pursue an MCA degree from overseas colleges.

MCA will make your future bright and let you pursue your interests. Thus the MCA course is suitable for those interested in software development and application programming. Just make sure that you pursue the career based on your interest. If you are still unable to make a precise career decision visit Brainwonders. We at Brainwonders can assist you with career planning by providing critical potential insights into the industry in which you aspire to excel.

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