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Brainwonders Aptitude Test @ Pote Tutorials!

30 September,2020  |  By Brainwonders

Brainwonders Aptitude Test @ Pote Tutorials!

Aptitude Test conducted by Brainwonders psychometric career test for students of Pote Tutorials with the association of Mr Bipin Pote (CMD-Pote)

Often when we have done career counselling, we are expected to do assessments and guide us about what direction one could go in. However, we also have one very important question to address- What would you want to become? We at BRAINWONDERS, firmly believe in asking this question, to factor in what it is that the child wants- what are their interests and abilities, what it is that drives them. After all, one chooses and perseveres anything because they like it.

Pote Tutorials being one of the premier education institutes has dedicatedly encouraged the students to be the best. Mr Bipin Pote (CMD- Pote Group of Education) firmly believes that each child has the potential to learn and develop and that is why they decided to provide a self-learning opportunity to their students.

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So the team of BRAINWONDERS collaborated with POTE Tutorials to provide an interest-aptitude test to 10th standard students where the students objectively responded to a set of questions. These responses are then processed to be analysed and compiled in the form of a comprehensive report that highlights the top career options and the respective job zones where the student is explained about the recommended options during the career counselling session.

Besides this Brainwonders also provides DMIT, multiple intelligence tests, IQ testonline aptitude test and psychometric tests to assist students with career guidance. The Interest-Aptitude Test opted by POTE Classes is assists the students in understanding their abilities aligning with their interests and helps them pursue the suitable field like humanities, commerce, sciences and more. The whole arena of personal counselling will culminate with career guidance and motivational workshop with 600 high school students.

The series of BRAINWONDERS test is known to give accurate and clear results. That is why Brainwonders has been a three-time National Award Winner and provides Educational Counselling services to 75+ schools. Brainwonders aims to give wings so that children can reach the height they want to achieve, in a way that makes them happy!

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