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28 September,2022  |  By Brainwonders


Does Board Results Matter in a Student’s Life?

 During the peak hours of the exam, even parents are dreaded, let alone students. And when we talk about board exams, the feeling is as intense as watching a horror movie alone at night. Every parent wants his child to have a dazzling future and to be the best out of the whole lot. I remember the anxious looks on the face of my parents when class 10th board results were declared. I bet many of you face the same tension as the board exams are approaching. Isn’t it?

Every parent pushes their child to extremes to have the best possible results in the examinations because they firmly believe that board results decide the future and career of their offspring. Moreover, all the media talks, the teacher meets, and board hypes strengthen their belief in an unbeatable one. This only builds up intentional or unintentional pressure on students. But, Are board results necessary? Will it be impossible for low scorers to get into their dream colleges? Probably not. Right? Let us reassess how we think and alleviate board tension with this article.

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Are Double Digits The Predecider Of Everything?

Skills outweigh marks in every aspect. Patterns may be required to get into the best universities, but what after that? What will be the use of mark sheets with A+ grades on them when you can not perform even a single task without making an error? Many reputed companies hire workers who have calibre, are skilled, and have a will to work for their companies rather than those with flashy degrees and zero practical talents.

If Not Exams, Then What?

We as parents focus on our child’s marks, and in this rat race of making your child score a perfect 100, you lose sight of the most crucial topic. You tend to forget the skills which must be taught to your child which in future can be beneficial for their career. As parents, you can start by building your ward's aptitude.

  • Marks ≠ Aptitude:

In a world where average scores were a thing of the past. There is hardly any difference between their scores as every four of five child scores display similarities in their subjective knowledge or the power of cramming. So, how can a student with high aptitude but low scores be distinguished from other students?  To provide a fair chance to every student, many entrance exams of the universities have a column of aptitude skills, destroying the habit of relying on marks as the sole indicator of a student’s potential.

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  • Skills Over Degrees:

In the practical world, companies are looking for:

  • Skills which meet all the client’s need
  • Willingness to learn and quick to learn
  • Responsible individuals with excellent problem-solving skills

These skills are not taught on school premises and can only be inculcated over time by continuously working on actual sites and facing the same pressure.

Companies do not care how much you have scored in class 10th or 12th board if you cannot deliver the required output. So, instead of worrying over marks alone, students must strive to become a better version of themselves.

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  • Marks give way to other things as the career progresses:

If career and college names mattered to this extent, every resume would have been blank, displaying only the candidate’s name and college degrees. There would have been zero slots for skills and personal departments. However, this is not true because as soon as the career progresses, we engage in various internships, acquire new skills and switch careers too. And all these skills find more importance in life at that time. Marks may be a worrisome topic for a student, but for an experienced worker, they are short-lived criteria.

  • The real journey begins after board = New milestone:

     The board exam might have been the first milestone in your child's journey. But, in this everchanging fast-pacing world, such things tend to lose their shine quickly within weeks, while the skills learnt by their stay with them for their whole life. Even teenagers can work for multinational companies with high packages because of the skills they learnt, not because of the marks they scored. This proves that if the right skills are discovered, the door for various opportunities opens up for you. But, if one fails to improve, he might have to take another round to reach the same destination.


Things you can do as a parent to support your child:

  • Do not pressurise your child over marks:

Pressure has been proven to be destructive to a child as it forces them to take extreme measures if it becomes unbearable. So, parents must only lay realistic expectations and not force their children to meet them. Let them learn at their own pace by applying the techniques they want to use. This way, they will acquire knowledge rather than mugging up their syllabus to score higher and meet your expectations.

  • Encourage them to have aptitude tests:

You can encourage your child to have aptitude tests, which will help them discover their talents, strengths, weakness, and skills developed with proper training to align themselves towards a particular course, and you can arrange the classes accordingly.

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  • Have Backups:

Plan B must always be ready in cases of emergent situations. Sticking to one college and one course might not be an effective solution because the chances of getting into the desired university are slim. If you are having trouble deciding the backup courses for your child, you must seek an expert's advice. 

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  • Build their Resume:

List all the competitions, internships, and skills acquired creatively in your child’s resume. Encourage your child to build their CV based on experience rather than solely placing their board results. 

  • Don’t Stress:

 Board exams are not the end of the journey. Many good institutions are open for admissions that will polish your child's skills. Several colleges that meet your child's requirements present better alternate options.

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So, should marks be taken seriously? To some extent, marks do matter, but they can not be the sole decider of where we stand in future and what we do. Things and perceptions are changing now, students are stressing over learning new skills rather than mugging up textbooks to score high on board exams. They are working on developing their communication skills, and analytical skills, and are striving to have a balance between studies and activities. And as parents, the responsibility of making your child take that extra step lies on your shoulders. You must work with them in a cooperative and friendly way instead of imposing your wishes on them and increasing their burdens.

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Support your child at times of failure instead of reprimanding them. A parent’s word of encouragement can save them from all the troubles.


Confused about which Course to choose after 10th and 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead

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