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List of Arts Subjects in CBSE for class 11 & 12

09 September,2021  |  By Brainwonders

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One of the most important phases of our life begins when we complete 10th grade. What are the arts subjects in class 11 CBSE, you should choose after com

One of the most important phases of our life begins when we complete 10th grade. What are the arts subjects in class 11 CBSE, you should choose after completing your 10th grade? Which is the right career path for you? How many subjects are there in the arts stream? These are the most common questions every child in this phase goes through. Moreover, if you are planning to take arts subjects in class 11th CBSE, hundreds of combinations would be running in your head.

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The most popular recommendation from everyone is to choose from Science and Commerce. However, there is another group that has a bright future and has a wide range of educational options following high school.

Yes, we are talking about Arts Subjects in class 11 CBSE.

Do you intend to pursue your major in arts? Also, do you want to know the various subjects included in these streams? Relax and take it easy. Let's have a look at some of the subjects you can pursue in Arts in class 11th.

List of Arts Subjects in Class 11th CBSE

Compulsory Arts Subjects

  1. History
  2. Geography 
  3. Political Science
  4. English

Optional Arts Subjects

  1. Philosophy
  2. Economics
  3. Psychology
  4. Sociology 
  5. Music 
  6. Informatics Practices
  7. Human Rights & Gender Studies
  8. Legal Studies
  9. Mass Media Studies
  10. Public Administration
  11. Entrepreneurship 
  12. Fine Arts
  13. Fashion Studies
  14. Physical Education
  15. Home Science

List of Humanities or Arts Subjects in Class 11 CBSE

In the CBSE curriculum, the students of class 11th can choose from a wide variety of subjects in Arts and Humanities. This discipline has an exhaustive list of subjects and their respective careers.

Let's take a look at these subjects for your 11th grade. However, remember to make informed decisions while exploring all these possibilities.

The following is the list of 11th Arts compulsory and optional subjects:


History Subject images

We have been reading history since childhood but did you know that studying history can lead to a great future career? Yes! You can explore a lot of career options if you take history in class 11th as your additional subject. Here, you can learn a lot about civilizations like the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution, and the study of Africa and Europe. The Harappan civilization, the British era, and post-independence India are all covered in it. If you take history as your major subject in undergraduate and postgraduate, you can become a scholar in this field. Moreover, the opportunities of a heritage manager, archaeologist, teacher, and other positions as government officials come in this category.

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Geography Subject in Class 11 CBSE

Geography is a humanities discipline that understands the link between people and the environment. Now, it is divided into two categories: physical geography and human geography. Physical geography is the study of the evolution and development of land, resources, area, and vegetation. The study of people, population, and transportation are known as human geography.

Moreover, cartography is another branch of geography that involves studying and recognizing world maps.

After completing the course, we will have a variety of job options like a cartographer, surveyor, drafter, meteorologist, demographer, and many more.

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Political science is a fascinating and popular subject in the humanities. It is critical for an exemplary citizen of the country to understand the government's structure and its functions. As a result, political science provides not just a comprehensive understanding of government functions but also a wide range of professional options. If you're interested in political science, you can take undergraduate and graduate courses in this subject. After completing your degree and passing the civil service examinations, you can work in various sectors related to civil services.


Regardless of the subjects you choose, you learn English as one of the mandatory subjects. An English career would be a great choice if you are interested in learning Old English history, phonetics, grammar, and literature. English can be studied at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It allows you to pursue careers as a teacher, proofreader, journalist, or content writer.

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Philosophy is a humanities discipline in which you learn how to look at objects, people, events, and life from a different perspective. You have picked the perfect subject if you are interested in learning about great people, their beliefs, and the fairness of their thoughts and actions. It allows you to build a foundation for critical thinking and logical reasoning in terms of society. Take this subject in your 11th grade, and become a scholar in the field. You can also choose to take up jobs in service sectors after taking this field.


It's a very fascinating subject dealing in terms of society. In this subject, you investigate how society evolves in the face of limited resources. Have you ever wondered how are the goods delivered and services provided to the general public? Or, have you thought about how do they determine the growth of our economy? Why are nations compared to determine the global economy? What methods do they use to compare the economies of other countries? What metrics are used to assess the economy? All these questions come under this subject.  

Sectors like banking, insurance, consultancy, government agencies, and non-profit organisations are open to the ones who take up this course. Well, it is not mandatory to take Mathematics along with Economics yet we advise you to choose mathematics as an additional subject. This combination will open a wide range of subjects for you in college.

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Psychology is a distinct subject in humanities wherein you learn a lot about human behaviour. It entails understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour patterns. Various topics like children’s health and development, sports, clinical care, and societal issues are included in it. Psychology is taught at both the undergraduate and graduate levels as well. So, take this subject in class 11th if you are interested in the psychology of humans and their behaviour.


Sociology is a distinctive humanity and arts course in Class 11th that analyses human behaviour and its impact on society. It permits you to create a societal sympathetic mindset. Analysis of social status, social movements, and social transformation in the form of crime, deviance, and revolution are also included in it. As a sociologist, you may play a key part in research by studying societal issues and how people engage with them. People having a background in sociology can also join social and community service organisations.

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One of the most relaxed and unique fields is to kickstart a career in Music. The music field is not restricted to music, and one can discover instrument based programs, music production courses, sound and music composing, etc. After enrolling in courses like Bachelor of Music or Diploma in Music, you will gain utmost knowledge on several topics like music writing, sound protection, film scoring, etc. Besides imparting the necessary knowledge on music topics, which lately has become one of the most popular arts stream subjects, students want to equip necessary music knowledge and learn music editing skills.


Do you have a passion for computers and computer science? If so, then this Subject will teach you a lot about computer hardware and software. To enhance your skill-based learning, you can master DBMS, and programming languages like Oracle, SQL, and Java. Your academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Computer Applications. There are a lot of employment opportunities available by taking this subject. You can work as a

Computer Programmer

Software Engineer

Web Designer

Database Administrator

Multimedia Programmer

Software Consultant

Technical writer

Computer System Analyst


Human rights and gender studies provide insight into the fundamental rights of an individual. It includes studies on feminism, men's studies, queer studies, etc. Furthermore, you become aware of the basic intricacies of our society, as well as how gender influences our primary identity and interactions with others. Moreover, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Gender Studies are available in this field. Not only this, but you can also join NGOs and work as a social activist to effect change in society.

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LAW image

If you want to study law after graduation, taking the humanities stream in 11th grade will give you a good background about it. Here, you will learn about the Indian legal system, political institutions, the nature and origins of law, human rights in India, etc. After forming an inclination towards this field, you can also practice law eventually.


In our country, the media is a powerful tool. Print media, radio, advertisements, cinema, television, news media, and, more recently, social media are all examples of media. If you want to pursue a profession in any of these fields, Media Studies in 11th grade will prepare you for the basics. If journalism is your cup of tea, then media studies are the sugar that sweetens it and makes it worthwhile to drink.

Various career options after studying these subjects are:

News reporter


Content Developer

Digital media Journalist

Advertisement and Branding


Public relations



Public administration subjects talk about formulating, implementing, and monitoring various public rules and policies across various industries. The individuals who want to work in the government sector mostly take this subject. You can also select this subject; if you also wish to build a secure career in the government sector; after that, you can pursue courses like a bachelor's in public administration and a master's in public administration. The individuals who wish to build their career in civil services through the UPSC/ MPSC exam and consider enrolling in the related undergraduate degree program.

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Have you ever fantasised about creating your own company and becoming your own boss? A business studies course is not the only one that can help you learn about different companies, government backing, and the basic prerequisites for starting a business. Entrepreneurship is more of an attribute of your personality than a subject. You can major in any commerce-related subjects in college and then pursue an MBA in Entrepreneurship. After you've completed the course, you'll be able to go forward on your path to entrepreneurship.



You may have a hidden ability that might lead to a successful career. Painting, graphics, sculpture, and commercial arts all come in the category of visual arts. In 11th grade, you will learn about the history of Indian fine arts and its practical training as well. In higher education, you have three choices:

Diploma Course in Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts – Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts or Master of Arts – Fine Arts

You can work as an art instructor, a government artist, or a photographer after taking this field. The film sector also offers promising job opportunities in this career.


The fashion industry is one of the country's fastest-growing industries. Fashion design is drawing a large number of students who want to pursue a well-paid and well-respected job. If you have an interest in this area, you can take up a good undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Fashion Studies. It will pave the way for the following professional paths:

Fashion Design

Textile and Apparel Design

Accessory Design

Jeweler Design

Fashion Technology

Luxury Brand Management

Fashion Business Management

Image Consulting / Personal Styling


The PT - Physical Training class is one of our favourite classes at school. Physical education focuses on physical fitness, a healthy lifestyle, and sports. If you choose this subject in your 11th grade, you will acquire a lot of practical knowledge in it. It includes sports, yoga, leadership training, sports psychology, and be able to work as a physical trainer in a variety of schools, colleges, and sports organisations.


Home science is a field of study that blends science with the arts. It contains information on human development, health, food and nutrition, family management, family relations, home management, etc. The following are the graduation levels that can be selected:

These are the basic career options you can pursue after completing 12th :

B.Sc in Home science

M.Sc in Home science

You can choose from the following job paths:

Apparel Designer

Health Clubs and fitness centres

Food processing industry

Interior Designer


Nutritionist or Dietitian


Before you choose an organisation, you must first know what it has to offer. We have provided you with a detailed list of arts subjects in class 11 CBSE. So make good decisions and look forward to a brighter future. Keep yourself safe. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Confused about which Course to choose after 10th and 12th?

Take Brainwonders Career Test and make the right decisions for your college and course ahead

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