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Everything You Need To Know About IQ Test 2023

09 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

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What is IQ test?

An IQ test is a standardised psychometric test that measures 'Intelligence Quotient' IQ, which is a psychological indicator of an individual's mental and cognitive abilities as per their age. The test comes under psychometric assessment, which tests human intelligence. A person's IQ is very important to understand his/her competence. It also evaluates a person's personal capability and ability to learn. As an IQ test examines a person's range of psychological talents, the result is anticipated to serve as an estimate of their academic features and abilities. One of the most often administered mental examinations is the IQ test.

What is Mensa IQ test?

Mensa IQ Test is the internationally recognised intelligence quotient test known for its efficiency in measuring the intellectual intelligence of knowledgeable individuals. Mensa isn't technically an abbreviation for anything; it's a Latin term that translates as "table," and it's used to refer to a circular table where everyone is treated equally. Mensa is a non-profit organisation founded by Roland Berrill and Dr Lancelot Ware in 1946. It is renowned for its high intelligence assessment questions. In this non-profit organisation, there are different groups of people, each representing a single nation. They have become members of the Mensa organisation. 

What are the uses of IQ test?

For many different reasons, IQ tests may be utilised in a wide variety of ways.

  • Assessment and placement of students in schools
  • Diagnosis of intellectual impairment by evaluation and testing
  • Evaluation of job candidates based on cognitive research
  • Memory, quickness, and attention are some of the tested mental talents.

What are the benefits of IQ tests?

Most of the questions on a typical IQ test will be about maths thinking, analytical ability, verbal intelligence, and spatial intelligence. A non-verbal IQ test will likely be used to measure how different people think, both at an inductive and deductive level. Even though their definitions of intelligence are different, traditional and non-verbal IQ tests are good ways to figure out a person's IQ score. Most of the time, an IQ test with a larger number of questions will be more reliable than one with fewer questions. Listed below are some of the major benefits of IQ test:

  • IQ tests help individuals who are at risk of slipping between the cracks.
  • Even an IQ test allows us to understand how the brain operates.
  • It delivers crucial diagnostic information.
  • Additionally, the IQ test is an effective tool to identify persons with hidden talents.

How to take an IQ test?

One can easily take the IQ test within three steps, and they are as follows:

1. Registration and Test-Taking

The questionnaires are administered, and you have to complete the test in the given time based on your understanding of the questions.

2. Evaluation and Interpretation

The items in the questionnaire are scored manually, and a report is generated by keeping in view the performance and standard global norms.

3. Certification and Guidance

The IQ Certificate indicates the person's mental competence, and if needed, suitable recommendations (like in the case of retardation or giftedness) will follow.

Who can take the IQ test?

Students and Adolescents: An IQ profile can allow students to enhance their abilities, whether to monitor their academic and study patterns or obtain a sense of their ability for a specific occupation.

Parents and educators: IQ test is also beneficial for parents and teachers to determine the general prospects for the kid and prepare for specific scenarios with appropriate advice.

Working professionals and corporations: Every job seeker or job holder uses an IQ profile to plan their advancement. In contrast, corporations utilise it to screen their staff for better management.

What does the IQ test measure?

Perceptual thinking

Perceptual thinking is a way to measure how well you can move 3D objects and solve space problems. It measures the abstract mental ability and the ability to think ahead and analyse choices. This place requires you to see, make connections, and think. The way data is broken down affects how people think and reason.


The memory includes working and short-term. It demands both memory and data management skills. The numerical sections test the ability to execute key calculations and apply data in real time. Subtests measure concentration, auditory recall, and sequencing. Tests involve listening and remembering a verbally presented set of numbers and letters.

Verbal comprehension 

Verbal comprehension includes reading, writing and communicating. The vocabulary and lexical sub-test measures word knowledge and usage. The tests involve defining images and words—verbal perception ties to social and commonsense judgement and presence of mind, including answering daily inquiries. Abstract thought, verbal concepts, and categories are compared. The data sub-test focuses on factual knowledge, long-term memory, and recall.

Processing speed 

Processing speed is how fast a person can cycle through, analyse, and respond to data. These subtests measure how well you can learn through both words and pictures. The difference you can see, your ability to observe and think, and your hand-eye coordination. This includes looking for a certain photo on a page full of pictures.

Knowledge ability

In the IQ test, several questions are framed in order to determine one's problem-solving skills, critical thinking ability, decision-making skills and reasoning skills. Apart from the earlier mentioned skills, the IQ test also tests one's knowledgeability and how much an individual knows about a particular thing. 

Numerical abilities

Apart from the earlier measures, IQ tests also measure the numerical ability of a person in order to determine how the person is good at mathematical calculation, numerical problems, statistics and even data interpretations. Therefore, the IQ test questions are framed in such a way that recognises an individual numerical ability.

Psychological abilities

As an IQ test examines a person's range of psychological abilities, the result is anticipated to serve as an estimate of their academic features and skills. 

Observation skill

Logical reasoning, data interpretation, and puzzle questions are asked in an IQ test to determine whether the person equips observation and attentive skills. 

Reasoning abilities

Even the IQ test is also helpful in determining one's reasoning abilities. The questions in the IQ test are also asked to know how an individual is good at problem-solving. Thus, it also tests an individual's decision-making ability.

Why to take Brainwonders IQ Test?

The Brainwonders IQ Test is a test which assesses an individual's general ability. Through this test, the intelligent quotient of the person is mapped by measuring an individual's shown abilities against the general level of the expected performance of people belonging to the same age and gender. For taking the Brainwonders test, all you need is to register online and appear for the online IQ test. Then the test assessment and evaluation will be done. And last, the necessary assistance and guidance will be provided by the counsellors based on your IQ test performance.

Since 2011, we have been providing the IQ Test for those who want to know their innate talents and intelligence. Apart from the IQ Test, we also offer career counselling, DMIT (Mother of all tests) Test, Aptitude Test, and Personality Test. So get in touch with us if you are unsure about the future or looking forward to changing your career or knowing your child's abilities or any other related situation. Feel free to contact us; we are here to help you out! 

What are the features of Brainwonders online IQ test?

Following are the major features of the IQ test:

  • It is not limited by any language.
  • Anyone can take the test over the age of 12.
  • It's a test where there are right and wrong answers.
  • The results can be affected by academic training.
  • It is a psychometric test based on how well someone does something.
  • It can be used to measure growth over long periods.
  • It has a time restriction.

Are you aware which subjects and courses will bring you closer to your dream career?

Worry not, because the Brainwonders test and guidance will not only help you know it, but also follow it!

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