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Is Taking Online Personality Tests Beneficial?

02 December,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Online Personality Tests

A personality test is a technique for evaluating human personality. Personality testing and evaluation are methods for determining the characteristics that people exhibit in a range of situations.

Traditional personality tests take a long time to administer and are intended to be assessed manually, but with the growth of the internet and technology, now it is very easy to take a personality test. Online personality tests are simple, save time, and do not sacrifice accuracy. One receives a thorough report on himself/herself.

The majority of online personality tests are self-reports. Self-report inventories require test-takers to read questions and assess how well the question or statement pertains to them. The most significant advantage of self-report inventories is that they may be standardised and utilise pre-established standards. Self-inventory tests are also easier to conduct than projective tests and have significantly better reliability and validity. 

5 benefits of taking personality tests:

1.  Get to know your unique traits:

Taking a personality test can assist you in learning about your unique personality characteristics and patterns, which will be beneficial to you both personally and professionally. The key to success is self-awareness. It's simpler to bring about change when you know who you are and what parts of yourself need to alter. 5. It's satisfying to know oneself.

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You've probably received personality test results that have had you shout, "This is so me!" (or, if not, you just take the test again). But what difference does it make what the responses say? Humans enjoy the recognition that comes with defining their own identity as individuals. The more you understand yourself, the more you'll be able to assert what you truly require in life, whether in relationships or otherwise. How else will you know what type of trip to take or which place you genuinely belong in?. So charge confidently into the world, knowing that you're Type B, an introvert, an ancient soul, or whatever you identify with. Allow your personality to shine through.

2  Helps in your career:

Every kind of career requires a certain personality trait, such as becoming an entrepreneur, which requires risk-taking as a dominant personality trait. By taking the personality test, one gets to know what career to choose as per their personality and interest. Personality tests can help you identify areas of strength to assist in steering your job search or giving material for interviews. Identify your limitations and areas for improvement. This is critical for professional advancement and advancement. Understanding your work style is essential for increasing productivity. Recognize your communication style to enhance your working relationships with co-workers. In most cases, Personality Tests have become a part of the hiring process. Should you pursue a career as an engineer or a physician? Should I be a social worker or a journalist? Passion is important, but your personality may also influence which employment is a good fit.

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Consider persons who are extremely sensitive. Because of their service-oriented nature, HSPs may be interested in jobs such as teaching. HSPs prefer calm workplaces because they dislike overstimulation.

3.  Professional Development:

Professional development is a lifelong commitment that entails recognising your position in a given career and finding the skills necessary to carry out that job effectively. It is critical to keep current with key developments to gain the information, skills, and competencies required for career growth. Knowing your personality qualities might help you figure out what kind of professional and personal growth you require.

4.  Personality tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses,

which can be sharpened, and weaknesses that you can overcome with regular practice. These strengths and weaknesses are not only in the form of your skills but also behaviour patterns, which help you form good connections at your workplace. The more knowledge you have of how you operate, the easier it is to establish your best and worst characteristics, which can be useful both personally and professionally.

ESFJs, or Extroverted-Sensing-Feeling-Judging persons, for example, are "caregivers" who try hard to make other people happy, according to Meyer's-Briggs assessments. This is a wonderful trait to have, but it may lead to being too much of a people pleaser. Strength? They are concerned about others. Weakness? They have a tendency to disregard their own requirements.

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5.  Reliable, Valid, and Time-saving:

As these self-report personality tests are developed through a scientific process of standardization and have well-established norms, they are highly valid and reliable. Due to the internet and technology, these tests are now available online and hence are time-saving as well. These tests can be taken again with a certain time gap to check up on the changes that one has incurred in his/her life.

6.  Helps students while choosing a stream:

Character assessments can also assist college students in navigating their field of study. The more you understand your personality, the better notion you'll have of what to major in when you go to college. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior discovered that students who were more personally interested in what they were studying performed better.


Personality Tests by Employers:

Personality Tests are also used for employment purposes as they provide information about the candidate making the recruitment process impartial and probability of best-fit candidate increases. Other advantages of personality tests by recruiters include the following points:

  • It speeds up the recruiting process as the right Candidates can be selected by online tests for interviews eliminating the unwanted ones.
  • Fair decisions are made on the basis of scores without being biased towards any candidate.
  • All the dark traits of the candidates also come to light and the recruitment decisions are made accordingly.
  • Personality Tests are implemented easily and are cost-effective.

Recommended Reads:

Personality tests, when accompanied by other assessments such as IQ and aptitude, give a bigger picture of one’s career development. Where Personality helps in knowing the behaviour patterns that can be beneficial, IQ helps in knowing the abilities one possesses and aptitude helps in knowing one’s areas of interests and strengths. Hence, it is recommended that when one goes for career counselling, one should be assessed on personality, IQ, as well as aptitude. Finally, they provide input on whether your conduct is similar to that of others, what your niche is, and how similar you are to a subset of people. People are naturally drawn to situations like this.

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DMIT is an in-house tool that we use at Brainwonders, it not only talks about the personality traits of an individual but also assesses the client on their multiple intelligence. Another advantage of getting a DMIT report would be that it helps one know about the learning style that would work for them so that they can make their learning experience better. We know that there is no age for learning and hence this can prove to be a helpful tool for people from vast age groups.

Personality Tests FAQs:

1. What are the disadvantages of using a personality test?

Answer: Personality Test tools in the market are not truly reliable, inaccurate, and the candidates get nervous because of language and cultural barriers. 

2. What does personality tests reveal?

Answer: A personality test reveals human personality's bright side, values, dark side, and styles.

3. Can personality tests be considered bad?

Answer: Personality Tests can be considered bad if not conducted by reliable experts.

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