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Everything You Need To Know About Personality Test

05 December,2022  |  By Brainwonders

Personality Test

What is personality test?

A personality test is a test conducted to assess human personality. As we all know, personality varies from one person to another. Personality test helps us to get familiar with personalities. After conducting a personality test, you will be able to identify your personality. In personality assessment, you will not only be able to define your personality but also help you to know your traits and characteristics.

Personality is something that we innately assess and progress every day. When we talk to ourselves or other people, we often start by saying how different our personalities are. Each person has their own unique personality. Psychologists can understand people's personalities because they know them very well. When they first meet someone, they find out their kind of person.

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What are the types of personality tests?

There are basically two personality tests: the Projective test and Self-report inventories. Let's have a look at each of them in detail:

Projective test:

In the Projective test, an individual is given a group of photos or incomplete sentences or ambiguous situations and is asked to develop an integrated interpretation depending upon his/her knowledge. This test accurately analyses the individual's competence and can mark their conscious intuitions and sentiments.

Self-report inventories:

According to the name of the test, self-report inventories ask respondents how relevant a topic is to them. You can take this exam on paper or a computer. A sort of self-report inventory may be found in the quizzes you take on Facebook from time to time. These assessments look at how a person responds to hypothetical circumstances or hypothetical behaviours to gauge their potential.

The best thing about self-report inventories is that they are standard and follow well-known rules. Self-report inventories are easier to use and have more validity and reliability than personality tests. On the other hand, psychotherapists often use projective tests, which let them learn a lot about a client quickly and in great detail.

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For instance, a psychotherapist would examine the individual's response to a particular test and look after the individual's qualitative information such as body language and voice tone. All of this can be figured out in a greater depth as people benefit from therapy sessions.

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What are the uses of personality tests?

Here we have mentioned the uses of personality tests which an individual might have:

  • Analysing theories
  • Determining the changes in personality
  • Evaluating the efficacy of therapy
  • Identifying psychological problems

In addition to the uses already mentioned, the personality test is used for a wide range of other things, such as risk assessment, relationship counselling, occupational counselling, and family counselling. It is also used in school psychology and clinical psychology, as well as in employment testing in the workplace.

What are the benefits of personality tests?

Here we have mentioned the significant benefits of personality tests which an individual might have:

Recognise one’s strengths and weaknesses

Since personality tests give in-depth information about one's personality, one can easily locate his/her strengths and weak areas. This will help him/her focus on improving the weak spots and implementing accurate methods to strengthen those areas.

Specialised knowledge about one's personality

Because of the personality test, it becomes easy to demonstrate validated information about one's personality. Because of the multiple-choice questions, it had become conventional to appear for a personality test. 

Obtain the SWOT Analysis of one's personality

After appearing for a personality test, one can quickly assess his/her SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis. By examining your SWOT analysis, it will be easy for you to map down your potential, critical areas, improvement areas and many more.

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Who can take the personality test?

Children (5-11 years)

Understand the education management

With the help of a personality test, an educational plan for the kid combines a wide range of relevant learning venues and strategies are devised and implemented.

Understanding the child

In order to know the exact behaviour of the children, parents often visit counselling firms where the personality assessments are done. With the evaluation, they are able to map down their child's personality and behaviour.

Develop self-esteem

Taking care of a child in a way that fits his/her personality helps the child learn good ways to deal with problems and behave well.

Social development

As we all know, in order to improve one's child's personality, the child has to get in contact with the social environment. Children often play outdoor games; this helps them to influence their personality and have genuine social behaviour.

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Building the cordial relationship between parent and child

If the parents want to seek guidance for their child, then the child's personality test will be helpful in several ways. Even parents can also take the personality test; it will help them know how to react to their children in some of the other situations. Also, in some cases, even parents will be able to identify how their child reacts.

High School Teenagers (12-18 years)

Dealing with peer pressure

Understanding one's own personality helps in identifying harmful social influences. Be sure of the personality test one can even make the friends that fit his/her personality.

Help in extracurricular development

Often, it becomes challenging for students to deal with extracurricular development song with academic development. Extracurricular or co-curricular activities are meant to help the students improve their social personality and maintain good relations with their loved ones.

Self-motivation and confidence

At this stage in life, when there are many important choices to be made, it is helpful to be motivated and focused if one is familiar with the thoughts and behaviours of the student. This is possible through personality tests. 

Help in academic performance

Whether the results are of 10th standard board exams or the 12th standard board exams, the personality test can help figure out the best ways for a child to study to do a better academic performance.

Build them for a professional career

After completing the 12th, the students can go for an offline or online personality test that helps them determine a suitable career depending on their personality, strengths, skills, etc. 

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Adults (Above 18 years)

To improve cordial relationships

Knowing your own and other people's personality traits can help you communicate and maintain good cordial relations in the workplace. These things improve the quality of any relationship and help you solve problems.

Conflict management

By taking an online personality test, an employer can learn about a person's traits and characteristics. This lets the employer put together a team of hard workers who help the company grow.

Recruiting the right candidates

The candidate's personality traits help show what they think, how they act, how they feel about ethics, and if they have specific characteristics valued in the workplace, like determination, devotion, and dedication.

Leadership skill

Any organisation in any field can make progress if it has strong leaders. Creativity, realism, and working as a team are all excellent traits. So, a personality test profile can be used to find and train future leaders.

Prepare them for long term career success

Every business has to deal with a lot of people leaving. Any adult who works wants to be able to count on their job. Because of this, the test helps both the company and the employee work together better.

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What are the impacts of personality tests?

In some instances, online personality testing might be helpful. You may better understand your skills and shortcomings by taking these tests. You may discover more about yourself by taking a personality test and finding out that you have a high level of a certain attribute.

If you took a personality test, the findings could show that you have a high level of sociability. As a consequence of this finding, it seems that you must set aside time for solitude in order to relinquish the energy you use in social circumstances. 

Why to take Brainwonders Personality Test?

The Brainwonders online personality test is made up of a series of questionnaires where individuals answer questions about themselves. The report is finished by putting all of the answers together and comparing them with other test takers. This enables individuals to locate whether they are above average in openness and friendliness, high in extraversion, low in agreeableness and emotion, or any combination of these traits.

Since 2011, almost thousands of students have taken our Brainwonders Personality test. We have helped many corporate organisations in conducting the personality test. Corporate and even parents and students in secondary & higher secondary school benefit from the personality tests. Now online personality tests are also available in Brainwonders, so you can easily take the online personality test. Apart from the Personality test, we also provide the DMIT (mother of all test) test, Aptitude test, and IQ test. Along with that, we also provide career counselling.

We at Brainwonders provide personality tests for all ages starting from 5 years. If you are uncertain about your skills and personality or whether you could or want to conduct personality tests in your organisation, we are there to help you out. Therefore get in touch with us, we assure you that we will help you!

How will you live up to your potential if you don't know it?

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