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Valuable BiPC Courses You Didn’t Know

12 April,2022  |  By Brainwonders

 BiPC Courses

What is BiPC?

The abbreviation for BiPC is Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. After reading the complete form, you must remember the 10th intermediate class Science subject in which we all had all the three issues.

Are you confused about what to do after BiPC? What are the available BiPC courses after the 10th? What is the career option after going for BiPC courses? Are you in 12th and thinking about what are the top BiPC courses? These are all the questions that may be haunting you. This post will answer all your questions and help you identify the suitable BiPC courses after the 10th and 12th.

Job oriented BiPC Courses after 12th

As we all know Science stream is enormous, and there are numerable disciplines available through which one can explore different career options. Students after 12th wish to explore their career in one of the disciplines, mainly biology, chemistry, and physics. So you might also be looking for various BiPC courses after the 12th.

Listed below are top specialisations in which you can pursue many degrees, diploma BiPC courses:

Allied Health

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Forensic Science





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Medical Engineering


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  • B.Sc (Hons) Geology
  • B. Science in Geology
  • PG Diploma in Geology (Groundwater)
  • PG Diploma in Engineering Geology
  • PG Diploma in Environmental Geology

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  • Diploma in Homoeopathy
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • Diploma in Acute Prescriptions and Homoeopathy
  • Diploma in Homoeopathy and Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Homoeopathy Medicine & Surgery
Food Technology
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician
  • PG Diploma in Physiotherapy Education
  • PG Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant
  • Bachelor in Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Bachelors in Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Top BiPC Courses after 10th

Many degrees and certificate courses are available for students who wish to pursue their career in BiPC Courses after the 10th. You can also pursue a career while studying part-time, as diploma and certificate programmes are available to assist you in developing and profitably polishing your talents.

Here we have mentioned the top BiPC Courses after the 10th:
  1. Diploma in Agriculture
  2. Diploma of Horticulture
  3. PGDM in Environmental Geology
  4. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  5. Diploma in Physiotherapy Technician
  6. Diploma in Homoeopathy
  7. PG Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy
  8. Diploma in Forensic Sciences-Cyber Crime
  9. Diploma Certificate in Computer Forensics & Cyber Security
  10. PG Diploma in Physiotherapy Education
  11. Diploma in Health Information Management
  12. Certificate in Forensic Identification
  13. Advanced Diploma in MRI and Spectroscopy
  14. Diploma in Office Administration – Health Services
  15. Diploma in X-Ray Technology
Scalable Career Options after BiPC Courses

One can build their career by selecting the discipline based on their area of expertise. Here we have mentioned some of the excellent scalable career options which will bring several job opportunities.

  1. Physiotherapist
  2. Pharmacist
  3. Geriatric Care Technologist
  4. Mental Health Professional
  5. Microbiologist
  6. Veterinary Doctor
  7. Neurologist
  8. Respiratory Therapist
  9. Anesthesia Technologist
  10. Perfusionist
  11. Dietician or Nutritionist  
  12. Occupational Therapist
  13. Audiologist

Many students are pursuing a science background because of the numerous science disciplines. However, if you are also among the ones deciding to choose the career path in the Science field, you need to know the intricacies of your specific career. For that, accurate career guidance and planning are essential. So we at Brainwonders help you choose the right BiPC course through test assessment. So get in touch with us for career guidance; we assure to acknowledge the right platform for you.

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