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How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

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How to prepare for Aptitude Test?

19 January,2023  |  By Brainwonders

aptitude test

What is Aptitude test?

To quote Benjamin Franklin, “Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience.” Aptitude is a key characteristic to an individual’s success. An aptitude test is an estimation of the present ability to acquire a future skillset.

What is a career aptitude test?

The word ‘aptitude’ is derived from the word ‘Aptos meaning ‘fitted for’. A career aptitude test measures the capacity of an individual to procure skills, knowledge or understanding through future training. A career aptitude test analyses your cognitive abilities and provides you with concrete ideas on major career decisions that are right for you. Career aptitude tests can be both online and offline.

An online aptitude test identifies traits of an individual, compiles a report based on the basis of questions answered and presents it to the user immediately. In places where a candidate requires an understanding of a career’s suitability, a career aptitude test chimes in to provide unbiased, standardized data personalized to answer exactly what you question.

With competitive examination season approaching, it becomes increasingly important to analyze which one you do have an aptitude for and prepare for it.

Types of Aptitude tests

Aptitude test

While there are comprehensive aptitude tests to measure the overall skillset of an individual, a career aptitude test can also measure a person’s specific traits across various domains. Let’s take a closer look at different types of aptitude tests:

  1. Spatial Visualization: Spatial reasoning refers to a candidate’s ability to identify and understand two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and patterns. Spatial visualization tests use water and mirror image questions to discern people who can easily understand spatial movement.
  2. Numerical Understanding: This test helps evaluate candidates on their numeric inference. It depicts an individual’s ability in performing calculations and process numbers.
  3. Linguistic ability: This test evaluates how adroitly a candidate is able to use words. It appraises literary skills such as comprehension and vocabulary.
  4. Creativity: This test assesses an individual’s ability to think from a different perspective. Learning new skills is easier for people with high levels of creativity since they can use their intellect to figure ambiguous problems effectively.
  5. Speed and Accuracy: This test measures ability to rapidly compare and draw conclusions from a given data. This test is used to shortlist people who can disintegrate complex problems into simple facts.

How to ace an Aptitude test?

  1. Practice: There’s no substitute for hard work. Consistent practice will familiarize you with the structure of aptitude tests. It will also make you accustomed to time constraints.
  2. Focus on your weak spots: The perk of doing plenty of practice is that you can spot your weak areas and work to overcome them.
  3. Time management is the key: Aptitude tests are usually time-bound. You shall take care that you aren’t too slow. Also, you must avoid rushing since aptitude tests may contain negative markings.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the format: Different aptitude tests measure different abilities. Knowing the format of a career aptitude test will help you understand what to expect and save your time.
  5. Know when you should move on: In lieu of squandering your time over a single question, you shall move on because there is a stringent time limit. Not everyone can answer all the questions. Thus, you shall not be discouraged if you’ve to skip one.
  6. Speed shouldn’t be confused with haste: When you have a restricted time limit to complete a test, you might feel tempted to hurry your way through the questions. While being fast isn’t a bad thing, unnecessary haste can cost you blunders. Thus, respond to questions after you’ve processed the question and thought it through. Then, proceed to answer coherently.

Online aptitude test

  1. SWOT Analysis

The purpose of an online aptitude test is to unveil individuals’ strengths and weaknesses and gauge their ability to perform particular tasks. Understanding your strengths can help you to make fair decisions while you overcome your weaknesses. A career aptitude test bridges the divide between who you are and what you want to be.                

  1. Cost-effective

An online aptitude test is economical and feasible for it can be taken from any corner of the world free of cost. The auto-evaluation system of an online aptitude test further reinforces the process by providing accurate and speedy results against precipitous human intervention.

  1. Pivoting on key competencies

It’s more constructive to focus on a conglomeration of skills rather than one skill. These clusters of skills are known as competencies which are targeted through a career aptitude test. An online aptitude test can evaluate a bunch of skills in one go, thus saving time and effort.

  1. Standardization

Online aptitude test is not affected by human intervention. It is unbiased since the results are not affected by personal experiences. They cannot be skewed or manipulated. Thus, an online aptitude test provides efficient results.

Brainwonders Aptitude Test

At Brainwonders, we offer comprehensive aptitude tests to evaluate candidates at school, college and employment levels. You can opt for an online aptitude test or an offline one depending upon your convenience. Our career aptitude test will guide you towards future prospects and conquering obstacles.

Learn more about our aptitude test here:

Aptitude test

The essence of a career aptitude test is undebatable. However, they are best paired with other assessment tests like personality tests to provide an effective selection. An online aptitude test should be carefully interpreted by a career counsellor to explore a streamline of career options. It is worth saying that merely taking a career aptitude test doesn’t mean there is a single career for you. There are several options available requiring the same aptitude. You shall do what you’re good at, but not at the cost of your happiness.

How do I prepare for Aptitude tests?

Identify your skills and talents and align it with one of the top performing careers!

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